Blue Collar Millionaires

Vincent and Vanice Serrano - The Tow Daddy

Blue Collar Millionaire
"We bought our first truck, and with a lot of hard work, we are living the American Dream." -Vince Serrano

Business: ASAP Towing

ASAP Towing started hauling away cars in 1995 when Vince and Vanice Serrano used a $20,000 investment to buy one tow truck and a tow yard. The couple have struggled over the years from almost getting shut down by the police, to losing their home and dealing with the wrath of angry customers, but stuck with it and became multi-millionaires! Now, ASAP Towing has 25 badass tow trucks serving five locations across Jacksonville, Florida with $6.6 million in revenue for 2015. This dynamic duo may be sitting pretty right now, but neither one of them is above jumping back in the driver's seat and getting their hands dirty if needed.

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The Millionaires

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