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  • Buffett: Latest Jobs Numbers 'Not Terrible'

    Warren Buffett says the latest jobs numbers are "not terrible figures, they're just not good figures." He adds that "if you could guarantee to the American people a 2.2% real GDP gain for the next century, it would be nirvana."

  • Berkshire Sneakers on 'Squawk'

    Andrew Ross Sorkin sports "Berkshire sneakers" on the set of "Squawk Box." He also has a question for Warren Buffett on the Volcker rule. "You do need intelligent regulation of banks," says Buffett.

  • Munger, Buffett on the Volcker Rule

    Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman, says he would like to see a stronger Volcker rule. Meanwhile Warren Buffett says that although he doesn't share the same view as strongly, banks should not have a "free hand."

  • Buffett's View on Wal-Mart Stock

    Warren Buffett discusses whether his opinion of Wal-Mart has changed amid the bribery allegations. "You can't have 270,000 people without someone doing something wrong," he tells CNBC's Becky Quick.

  • Buffett 'Agnostic' on Facebook

    Warren Buffett says he does not see a bubble in Facebook. "I'm agnostic on a company like Facebook," he tells CNBC's Becky Quick.

  • Berkshire vs. Gold

    Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman, offered CNBC his view on gold and silver. Meanwhile Warren Buffett compared the performance of the yellow metal to Berkshire Hathaway over time.

  • Warren Buffett and Becky Quick

    Warren Buffett says that Berkshire Hathaway is buying shares in two U.S. companies and will continue to buy them today, especially if they become cheaper in today's global stock sell-off.  As usual, he's not naming those stocks, but does say they are names that are already in the Berkshire portfolio.

  • Bill Gates at Berkshire Meeting

    Microsoft founder Bill Gates talks to CNBC's Becky Quick at the annual Berkshire shareholder meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. He addresses Buffett's prostate cancer diagnosis, his feelings about the shareholder meeting, gold, and billionaires agreeing to give away their money.

  • Buffett: We're Adding to Positions We Already Own

    Warren Buffett tells CNBC's Becky Quick the global market selloff isn't making any difference to Berkshire's investing strategy. "We were buying stocks on Friday and we'll buy the same stocks today," he says. "And we'll buy them cheaper."

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Warren Buffett has no plans to buy into the upcoming Facebook IPO, but he tells CNBC's Becky Quick he has spoken for a few hours with founder Mark Zuckerberg and thinks he's doing the right thing by maintaining tight control of the company, even after it goes public.

  • Buffett & Becky

    CNBC's Becky Quick talks to billionaire investor Warren Buffett at the annual Berkshire gathering in Omaha, Nebraska. He addresses unemployment, the economy, housing, Facebook and a potential $20 billion acquisition.

  • 120505_Apple_Google.jpg

    Warren Buffett says while he would "not be at all surprised" if Apple and Google are worth a "lot more" in ten years, he sees them as too risky for Berkshire to buy shares.  But, he says, "I sure as hell wouldn't short them either."

  • Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett reassured the tens of thousands of Berkshire Hathaway shareholders attending its annual meeting in Omaha today that his health is good and the next CEO will do a good job.

  • 120505_BigDeals.jpg

    Warren Buffett revealed to shareholders at today's annual meeting that he recently considered a $22 billion acquisition but couldn't get the deal done.

  • 120505_Buybacks.jpg

    Warren Buffett says he's "very comfortable" with Berkshire Hathaway's decision to buy back its shares when they are priced at less than 110 percent of book value, but could be comfortable with a "somewhat higher" level.

  • 120505_NextCEO.jpg

    Warren Buffett tells Berkshire Hathaway shareholders today that the person who succeeds him as the company's CEO will also be Berkshire's "chief risk officer," just as he has been over the years.

  • Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett's right-hand man, Charlie Munger, agrees with his boss on most things but there's one area they disagree — gold.

  • Warren Buffett speaking with CNBC's Becky Quick in Omaha on May 3, 2012

    Warren Buffett is preparing for the main event of this year's annual meeting with tens of thousands of Berkshire Hathaway shareholders: tomorrow's (Saturday) marathon question-and-answer session at Omaha's CenturyLink Center arena.  The recent announcement that he'll be treated for an early stage of prostate cancer is sure to be a major topic, along with continued questions about the company's succession plans.

  • Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett's company is expected to release its first-quarter earnings report Friday afternoon as shareholders gather for this weekend's Berkshire Hathaway's meeting.

  • Omaha Gears Up for Berkshire Hathaway

    Omaha is getting ready for Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholder meeting. CNBC's Becky Quick spoke with Berkshire's Warren Buffett.