Waylynn Lucas

Waylynn Lucas
Source: CNBC
Waylynn Lucas

Waylynn Lucas is a pastry chef who gives each of her fabulous dessert creations a modern twist.

A native of Los Angeles, Waylynn actually opened her first restaurant while living in Costa Rica where she ran it successfully for years. But to further her career, she sold that business and moved back to California.

Waylynn worked as a pastry chef at SLS Hotels Beverly Hills and at the Patisserie at the Bazaar by Jose Andres, where she experimented with cooking techniques from the traditional to the cutting-edge experimental. She received her first four-star review while working there, and she further refined her style as executive pastry chef at Patina, Joachim Splichal's Michelin-star restaurant.

In 2013, Waylynn took part in the reality television series "Eat. Drink. Love," on the Bravo network. It showcased five successful women working in the predominantly male food industry.

Waylynn's latest enterprise is Fonuts, a new spin on the traditional coffee and doughnut shop. Her doughnuts are baked, not fried, and she serves up a wide selection of gluten-free and vegan products. It offers the sweet with the savory and the traditional with the avant-garde.

She's currently working on growing her business by adding new locations and stretching into other realms of the food industry.