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Developer: Lemon

Let’s face it. Not every gift will hit the mark. Inevitably there will be the sweater that’s too big, the toy that’s missing a piece, or the gadget that won’t work. That’s when you need to hunt down a receipt, and where Lemon can help.

The app pitches itself largely as an organization tool. Take a picture of your receipts using your smartphone and Lemon will turn them into digitized copies that can be retrieved and printed as needed.

Not only will you be able to easily find receipts you need, but you can also keep track of what you are spending. (Lemon will even generate bar graphs of where your money’s going.)

But Lemon’s more than just a digital filing cabinet. You can give online merchants your @lemon address and skip the offers that they will inevitability start sending you. Lemon also promises to prioritize these emails and send you the sale information you want.

Now, that’s better than a bulging wallet filled with paper slips.

Photo: Lemon Inc