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  • BOSTON, May 18- Boaz Weinstein's hedge fund Saba Capital has been pulling in new money this year even as many rival investors are being asked to return cash to their clients. An anchor investor wrote a $70 million check in February while other clients have put in $20 million, the person said. To be sure Saba's assets are still far below its roughly $6 billion peak,...

  • LAUNCESTON, Australia, May 10- Copper is probably the best reality check right now for China's commodity markets, with the industrial metal showing why the recent surge in commodity prices was unjustified, but also why a collapse is not warranted. China's imports of unwrought copper fell sharply in April to 450,000 tonnes, down 21.1 percent from March's 570,000...

  • NEW YORK, May 9- Hedge fund manager David Einhorn has built a reputation on his ability to crater a company's stock. His prescient short calls such as Allied Capital and Lehman Brothers had been announced in previous years at the annual Sohn Investment Conference in New York. The same day that Einhorn spoke in New York, the chief investment officer for the...

  • *7 mln barrels of Forties amass in N Sea this month. LONDON, April 29- Dozens of tankers with unsold crude have been amassing at sea in the past few weeks, vividly reminiscent of 2015 when a recovery in oil prices was scuppered by rising physical supply. Even as the price rallied, U.S. crude inventories hit record highs, and cargoes of unsold oil linger in West Africa and...

  • LONDON, April 28- Everyone's talking about Chinese speculators. Both the Shanghai Futures Exchange and the Dalian Exchange are upping margin requirements and transaction fees to try and calm overheating contracts such as steel rebar and iron ore. But the current trading frenzy shouldn't distract from the growing global influence of China's domestic...

  • NEW YORK, April 13- Investing in Glacial Energy Holdings Inc should have been a disaster. By 2013, Texas utility regulators had fined Glacial $100,000 for overbilling customers and not disclosing that founder and Chief Executive Officer Gary Mole's previous energy venture had collapsed. Mole was forced to resign from the company's Texas subsidiary.

  • BOSTON/ NEW YORK, April 5- For hedge fund titan John Paulson, history may be repeating itself. The Paulson Partners fund, which bets on corporate events such as mergers, is down 7.7 percent in 2016 through February, according to a person familiar with the returns. The Paulson Advantage Plus Fund lost 11.24 percent in the first two months of the year.

  • Why flash crash hit ETFs hard...

    The system needs to be fixed, says Joe Saluzzi, Themis Trading co-founder, discussing the role of high frequency trading on rapid moves in the market, and how some ETFs were burned by not making the correct price.

  • Consignment commerce: Allowing consumers to profit

    James Reinhart, ThredUP CEO & co-founder, discusses the online consignment space for second hand clothing, and the invaluable leadership and wisdom Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has provided. CNBC's Jon Fortt weighs in.

  • Hedge Funds Chase Greek Debt

    Hans Humes, Greylock Capital CEO, explains how to make money in Greece's bond buyback program.

  • Are Wacky ETFs Causing the Volatility?

    Scott Burns, Morningstar weighs in on whether levered ETFs are amplifying market volatility.

  • Are Wacky ETFs Causing the Volatility?

    Scott Burns of Morningstar weighs in on whether leveraged ETFs are amplifying market volatility.

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    How much do you know about modern-day Ponzi schemes? Take our quiz and find out.

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    Merger arbitrage investors are braced for a second consecutive month of losses with a string of unexpected upsets leading to a difficult period for the hedge fund strategy, the FT reports.

  • PutCallArbitragePartI_Video.jpg

    Put-Call parity demonstrates the relationship between shorts, puts, calls, and bonds. The proper combination of each can yield equal payouts. Salman Khan of the Khan Academy explains.