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  • US Economy Heading in the Right Direction: Pro

    Joe Magyer, Senior Analyst at The Motley Fool gives his arguments for being bullish on the US economy but not on the US equity markets.

  • Don't Short Aussie Banks: Pro

    Stephen Hogan, Senior Advisor at Novus Capital warns investors against shorting Australian banks as share prices fall. He says the banks will be well supported, and their dividend yields are very attractive.

  • Sandwich Thrown at Australian Prime Minister

    A student threw a salami sandwich at Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Thursday. It is the second time this month that a sandwich was thrown at her. CNBC's Matthew Taylor has more.

  • Stock in 60 Seconds: Atlas Iron

    Adam Bakhtiar takes on the daily challenge of the regular "Stock in 60" segment and looks at shares of Atlas Iron in light of tumbling iron ore prices.

  • Fog Hits Sydney For Third Day

    A thick blanket of fog hovered in the city of Sydney for a third straight day, leading to numerous transport delays.

  • Scoot Turns A year Older But 'Young At Heart'

    Campbell Wilson, CEO of Scoot talks about the airline's innovative social media strategy, expansion plans and competing against Chinese airlines.

  • Has the AUD Lost its Mojo?

    Greg Gibbs, Senior Currency Strategist at RBS says the Australian currency is becoming a proxy for China and is following the trend of a weaker outlook from the mainland.

  • Get Involved In U.S. Housing Recovery: Pro

    Kristy Campbell, Senior Equities Analyst at Macquarie Private Portfolio Management says investors should be buying companies like James Hardie to get long-term exposure to the U.S. housing recovery.

  • Will the Australian Dollar Fall Further Below Parity?

    Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist for Australia and New Zealand at HSBC believes the Aussie dollar will fall slightly further before settling at a fairly high level against the greenback.

  • Aussie Market Looking Fully Valued: Pro

    Charles Leyland, Managing Director at Leyland Private Asset Management says stock pickers are facing difficult investing conditions, with the Australian market looking fully valued at current levels.

  • Yield Play Powers Ahead in Australia

    Stan Shamu, Market Strategist at IG Markets says the yield play continues to be the dominant theme in Australia as the mining sector goes through a downgrade cycle.

  • How to Play the Falling Aussie Dollar

    Angus Geddes, CEO at Fat Prophets describes why he likes small to mid cap Australian industrial stocks and states which sectors will benefit most from the lower Australian dollar.

  • Australia is looking to fill six dream jobs, from outback adventurer to chief funster. What sort of qualifications do you need to be the CHIEF funster? Read on.

  • The Implosion of Carry Trades

    Brendan Brown, Head of Research at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International says the Australia carry trade is at the beginning of an implosion and other emerging market carry trades might follow the same path.

  • Buy Companies With U.S. Exposure: Pro

    Brad Partridge, Portfolio Manager at Macquarie Private Portfolio Management says the weaker Australian dollar provides an opportunity to invest in global industrial companies with exposure to the U.S. dollar, and recovering U.S. economy.

  • Australia: Budget Forecasts are Credible

    Savanth Sebastian, Equities Economist at Commonwealth Securities and Scott Haslem, Chief Economist at UBS, Australasia discuss the 2013 Australian budget.

  • Australia: One of the Best Countries to Invest

    Gary Gray, Australian Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism discusses the impact of the pullback in commodity prices on the country's latest budget.

  • Surplus Would Hurt Growth: Australian Fin Min

    Penny Wong, Finance Minister of Australia, says the government took the decision to defer the return to surplus in order to protect Australian jobs and growth.

  • ACCI: Budget Won't Lift Australia's Competitiveness

    Peter Anderson, CEO of Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry says the government is asking the business community to pay more with this year's budget statement.

  • Australia Has a Serious Deficit Problem: Pro

    John Daley, CEO of Grattan Institute warns that Australia has a serious deficit problem that needs to be dealt with and should keep in mind the lessons from Europe's crisis.