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  • GM Headquarters

    GM isn't sitting still. It knows that the future of electric cars will be written in China, so the company is putting its EV development in Shanghai, not Detroit.

  • GM Looks to China

    General Motors announces it's going to manufacture its electric automobiles in Shanghai to take advantage of China's focus on electric vehicle development, reports CNBC's Phil LeBeau. He adds the company is not sharing its technology.

  • gold-nano_200.jpg

    Three years after launching the Nano as “the world’s cheapest car”, Ratan Tata, chairman of India’s second largest industrial group, presented what may be the world’s most-expensive automobile: the jewel encrusted GoldPlus Nano. The FT reports.

  • 2010 Prius

    If the Plug-in Prius charges up the market, the winner could not only be Toyota, but an EV category about to grow bigger.

  • 86297938_opt.jpg

    General Motors and Chrysler agreed to extend labor contracts with the United Auto Workers on Thursday as the union's negotiations failed to produce the expected breakthrough on pay for 113,000 autoworkers.

  • United Auto Workers' Contract

    CNBC's Phil LeBeau is watching the United Auto Workers' contract with U.S. automakers as it is set to expire at midnight tonight.

  • The 2012 BMW X5

    In a year where gas prices have surged and the economy has stalled, BMW is quietly enjoying a strong year in SUV sales.

  • BMW Open: State of Industry

    "We are in line with sales expectations," says Jim O'Donnell, BMW North America president, who says BMW is performing slightly better than the marketplace because of new products. He also adds that the company is responding to the needs of the marketplace, including more fuel-efficient vehicles.

  • You got to love it when Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne walks an auto show. In a world of auto execs often giving bland answers that provide little insight into what's happening in the auto industry and the global economy as a whole, Marchionne is a breath of fresh air.

  • Car Manufacturing

    They are a cornerstone of Chrysler’s unlikely comeback: 900 employees turning out a Jeep Grand Cherokee sport utility vehicle every 48 seconds of the working day at an assembly plant here.

  • 2012 Volkswagen Beetle

    Nobody said it would be easy getting to No. 1. Volkswagen is finding that out first hand as its alliance with Suzuki implodes amid finger pointing and allegations between the two auto makers

  • SAAB

    With a court in Sweden denying Saab a lifeline as it tries a "voluntary reorganization", the struggling automaker continues to wither away. If you are a Saab fan, dealer, or owner in the U.S. watching the automaker slide closer and closer to irrelevance is troubling.

  • Engineers monitoring car in emission chamber

    There's still a quaint notion around much of America that the only thing that matters in the auto industry revolves around Detroit and the US.

  • When it comes to leaf-peeping, the longtime champion New England tends to sweep the awards by default. Of course, tree leaves make their seasonal color changes in other parts of the country, too. (Though you likely won’t see as many maple products, cider, cider doughnuts, centuries-old stone walls, or endearing New Englandahs along the way!)Fortunately, beauty-seekers all over the country can still on head out for a fall drive. The local tree line might be mostly evergreens, but even a few conif

    This list of the best fall drives across the country, provided by AAA New York, features 10 routes, along with the sights, attractions, and activities to be found along the way.

  • Chrysler grille

    For the third time in the last four months, Chrysler outsold Toyota in the US. It's an interesting statistic that may or may not mean much given your perspective. Personally, I think it's an indication the Chrysler and its dealers are continuing to build momentum after being left for dead by the previous owners.

  • GM

    GM says its sales for the month of August were up 18.2 percent from the same time last year. However, that figure is down from estimates of 19.9 percent.

  • GM Sales Roar & Costco's CEO Steps Down

    CNBC's Phil LeBeau, and Don Johnson, GM U.S. sales operations, with a look at the automaker's robust sales, and the Fast Money traders weigh in on the Costco trade, after its founder and CEO announced he'll be stepping down.

  • What makes a perfect suburb? We’re not talking about suspicious, “Stepford Wives” perfect. No, for this list, we consulted the data and analysis company Location, Inc., makers of the consumer reference site . The analysts used their bank of databases to find the suburbs that had the best mix of affordable housing, good schools, educated neighbors, low crime, employment and reasonable commutes. Dr. Andrew Schiller of NeighborhoodScout explains why these good suburbs are so hard to find: “American

    We consulted Location, Inc. to find suburbs that had the best mix of affordable housing, good schools, educated neighbors, low crime, employment and reasonable commutes.

  • Zipcar and Ford

    Ford and Zipcar are going back to school. Both companies are hoping their new partnership elevates their exposure to college age drivers, a segment of the population that is often overlooked and ripe with potential.

  • f-35_154x116.jpg

    How much do you know about the business side of the aerospace and defense industries? Take our quiz and find out.