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  • Determined to show a commitment to stopping the flow of illegal immigrants, the Senate convened a special session Thursday and passed a $600 million bill to put more agents and equipment along the Mexican border.

  • Barnes and Nobles

    Barnes & Noble released a statement saying, they were "unable to conclude an agreement on mutually acceptable terms" with one of its top investors', Ronald Burkle and his holding company— specializing in private equity investment—Yucaipa.

  • Congressional Democrats and Obama Administration officials have trotted out the argument that failure to raise taxes on households earning more than $250,000 a year would explode the deficit.

  • Chinese shipping containers

    Unemployment is stuck near 10 percent and deflation and a stock market collapse threaten. The Federal Reserve and Barack Obama are out of bullets. Near zero federal funds rates, central bank purchases of mortgage backed bonds and other securities, and a $1.6 trillion deficit have failed to revive the economy.

  • Jackass is the US show where crazy guys put their personal health on the line in the name of entertainment.

  • money_capital.jpg

    Most Americans would go along with temporarily extending the Bush tax cuts for all taxpayers, including the wealthy, until the economy recovers, a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey has found.

  • The underwriters leading GM’s public stock offering are hoping to file a preliminary prospective this Friday, though the actual pricing of the deal won’t take place for what may be several months, CNBC has learned.

  • No attempt at a midday rally. How can you rally when there seems to be no bids? Volume is seasonally light, but when you have no bids, even seasonally light selling will create a big down day like today.

  • home_sales6.jpg

    We knew it was coming, as it was part of the recently signed financial reform bill, but today the Obama Administration announced it would be sending another $1 billion to unemployed borrowers to help them pay their mortgages.

  • Foreclosure

    The Obama administration is providing $3 billion to unemployed homeowners facing foreclosure in the nation's toughest job markets.

  • GOP symbol and cash

    People in the securities and investment industry have dramatically reversed their campaign contribution trends, shifting from overwhelming support of Democrats in 2009, to an equally overwhelming support of Republicans in 2010.

  • FED_RESERVE3.jpg

    Tuesday’s action by the Federal Reserve was positive, in spite of immediate market downturn on Tuesday, Jason Trennert, chief investment strategist of Strategas, told CNBC Wednesday.

  • Global markets are lower this morning, on the Fed announcement and economic numbers in China. The yen is at the highest level against the dollar since 1995, as the dollar has become the low-cost funding mechanism for the world.

  • capital_hill.jpg

    The House has passed a $26 billion jobs bill to protect 300,000 teachers and other nonfederal government workers from election-year layoffs.

  • Gary Locke

    On the day when the Department of Commerce announced it was $1.6 billion under-budget on the Census project, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke defended himself against criticism on CNBC Tuesday that the savings weren’t admirable at all, but due to good weather and a weak labor market.

  • capitol_building_wallst_mainst.jpg

    Negativity sells, so brace yourselves for a torrent of pre-election rhetoric designed to convince voters that things are sure to get even worse. The demagoguery is bi-partisan.

  • Genzyme

    If Genzyme is amenable to what Sanofi's bid letter sets out, serious negotiations may soon follow and the contents of that letter more than likely won't be made public. On the other hand, if things go in a different direction, everything could get a bit more nasty.

  • One of the most common objections to letting the cuts expire for those in the highest tax brackets is that it would hurt small businesses. As Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) recently put it, allowing the cuts to lapse would amount to "a job-killing tax hike on small business during tough economic times."

  • Chinese shipping containers

    President Obama is seeking to double exports, through marketing programs and new free trade deals. However worthy those initiatives may be, doubling exports does no good if imports double too. By increasing the trade gap, more open trade policies would increase the drag on growth and jobs creation.

  • Construction Highway

    The Wall Street Journal’s weekend editorial “It Isn’t Working” lamented that “three years of spending and monetary stimulus haven’t helped jobs”. While making a number of valid points...it failed to point out that the Federal Government has provided a significant amount of valuable and essential stimulus to the economy with an important part of the stimulus program – namely, in refurbishing the highways.