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    The Obama administration said Sunday it intends to nearly double the available amount of wireless communications spectrum over the next 10 years in an effort to keep up with the ever-growing demand for high-speed video and data transmission to cell phones, laptops and other mobile devices.

  • The Mad Money host takes your questions.

  • As expected, evidence of a softer sales picture in May and June (particularly for housing) is causing analysts to begin to take down earnings numbers. According to Bespoke Investment, over the last four weeks, analysts have raised estimates for 373 companies in the S&P 1500 and lowered estimates for 545.

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    Now, with financial reform set to be implemented in Washington, there will be fewer unknown unknowns. This will contribute to a healing of the U.S. credit system. Moreover, the November election is likely to lead to more balance in the House and Senate, which means that the worst of the regulatory cloud and government involvement will soon pass. This could rally risk assets if this viewpoint becomes popular. Still, challenges remain.

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    The financial regulation bill agreed upon by Congressional leaders overnight is too weak and will not reform the system, Williams Isaac, former chiarman of the FDIC, told CNBC.

  • The European Debt Crisis - See Complete Coverage

    I was hoping we could forget about the Club Med countries for a while. China's currency, the G20 Toronto meeting, and the sacking of McChrystal pushed Greece off the front page.

  • The Dodd-Frank bill (that's what it's being called, folks): bad, but it could have been worse. That's what most Wall Street traders and analysts I have spoken with this morning say about the financial regulatory reform bill passed in the wee hours of the morning.

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    President Barack Obama says he's "gratified" by the deal that Congress has worked out on overhauling Wall Street rules.

  • U.S. lawmakers on Friday finalized a historic overhaul of financial regulations, handing President Obama a major domestic victory as he heads to Canada tonight for the three-day G20 summit devoted to financial reform. Read what the experts had to say on the new regulation.

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    The real work now, the real test for President Obama and Treasury Secretary Geithner, is to quickly bring the rest of the world along on the only reforms that will truly protect the global financial system from crisis in the future: common standards for the appropriate quantity and quality of capital, and acceptable levels of leverage and liquidity.

  • In an exclusive report, Maria Bartiromo revealed what Russia's resurgence could mean for your portfolio.

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    President Barack Obama declared Thursday that he and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev have "succeeded in resetting" the relationship between the former Cold War adversaries that had dipped to a dangerous low in recent years.

  • No boost to energy stocks from judge ruling denying the Obama administration motion to keep the drilling ban during an appeal. Why not?

  • Banks are down today on concerns that they may be on the hook for a wind-down of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Huh? Suddenly, at the final hour of negotiations on financial regulatory reform, the House appears to have included both FNM and FRE under provisions that would allow both of these companies to be wound-down in an orderly liquidation process.

  • Big battle between the deficit hawks and doves in Europe is becoming very public ahead of the G20 meeting this weekend. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is sticking to her plan to cut spending, despite criticism from George Soros. Even President Obama has warned against withdrawing stimulus too soon.

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    Two weeks ago, Hasbro's board told Providence it had no interest in a go-private transaction.

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    Barack Obama is a "one-term president" while the Republicans are likely to take over Congress after this year's elections, according to investor Howard Ruff, editor of the RuffTimes newsletter.

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    There's the deficit, the economy, the oil spill, wars and more. What should the government be focused on? Share your opinion.

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    A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows Mr. Obama's approval rating dipping to 45 percent in June, from 50 percent in May.

  • The Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney may be the most recognizable Mormon, but members of his faith, which account for only 2 percent of the US population, have lots of influence in big money—both on Wall Street and throughout the business world.