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  • Beer Label Madness 2015 - South - Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

    As voting gets underway in Round Two of CNBC's most loved beer label contest, here's a look at those that prevailed in Round One.

  • Inside the Brooklyn Brewery, maker of Brooklyn beers.

    Craft beer is growing by double digits at home and it’s picking up momentum overseas as well, with exports rising 35.7 percent last year.

  • Prairie Artisan Ales Chrismas Bomb.

    CNBC's beer label contest is all about having the right flair. Here are three potential Cinderella labels that could make some noise in the brackets.

  • Troegs Bros. Hop Knife Harvest Ale

    CNBC is once again setting out to find the most loved beer label. This year's vote begins Tuesday.

  • Starbucks shareholders weigh in on race

    Outside the Starbucks annual meeting, shareholders like Mary Melalson, Evie Scribner and Steve Nussbaum react to the company's new "Race Together" initiative, and baristas Harrison Deatherage and Tyler Wright prepare to write those words on coffee cups.

  • Customers outside first Starbucks on 'race together'

    Customers lined up out the door outside Starbucks' very first store in Seattle have mixed reactions to the company's new "Race Together" initiative.

  • Sláinte! Irish whiskey sales soar

    Stephen Teeling, Teeling Whiskey Company, discusses the growing popularity of craft spirits as Dublin opens its first new distillery in more than a hundred years.

  • Samuel Adams lager

    When it comes to generating a positive perception among consumers, this brand is still the beer to beat.

  • The fizzy future of champagne

    Francoise Peretti, director of the UK Champagne Bureau, discusses why the champagne business is still booming.

  • Beer

    We're looking for the most loved beer labels from 2014. Here's how to cast your vote for the best.

  • Beer and tap

    Craft beer is having a bit of a renaissance and some experts say, it's actually better to pair food with beer than with wine. CNBC investigates.

  • Neuroscientists bottle brain power

    TruBrain founder Chris Thompson says his start-up has created the first energy-drink designed to give a boost to your brain. Will the drink quench the "Power Pitch" panel's thirst, or leave a bad taste in their mouths?

  • Pernod CFO: China slowly improving

    How will Pernod Ricard address the China slowdown? Gilles Bogaert, CFO of Pernod Ricard, says things are gradually improving, while adding how they hope to address this for the better.

  • Why things are looking up for Coca-Cola

    Adam Fleck, director of Consumer Equity Research at Morningstar, discusses Coca-Cola's better-than-expected fourth quarter results, especially in North America, and describes the long term opportunities in international markets.

  • Coke KO's Q4 earnings, beats estimates

    Ivan Feinseth, Tigress Financial Partners, breaks down Coca-Cola's quarterly numbers and weighs in on the stock's value. They need to find niche markets to grow, says Feinseth.

  • Soda companies set to report earnings: Predictions

    Coca Cola and Pepsico will report their earnings during this week. Bill Schmitz, managing director at Deutsche Bank, weighs in with his predictions and what may impact their report.

  • Casino gambling

    This list represents the largest capital commitments raised by private U.S. companies actively listed on equity crowdfunding platforms.

  • Don't invest in wine, just drink it: Pro

    Alexander Gunz, fund manager at Heptagon Capital, discusses why wine is not a good investment.

  • Elysian Brewing Split Shot beer

    Anheuser-Busch InBev is buying Seattle-based Elysian Brewing Company for an undisclosed amount.

  • Craft beer CEO Sues, then says sorry

    Lagunitas Brewing Co. founder and CEO Tony Magee sued rival Sierra Nevada over its new IPA logo. However, backlash from customers on social media convinced him to drop the case.