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  • Ford

    Ask yourself a question, and be honest: If you ran Ford, would you hang on to Volvo and continue sinking money into turning around the brand or would you unload it as soon as you got a decent price?

  • Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett said Sunday his Berkshire Hathaway insurance and investment company may be "close" to buying a medium-sized British company and "will look" at Royal Bank of Scotland's possible divestiture of its insurance unit.

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    Warren Buffett tried to reassure his shareholders that Berkshire Hathaway will be fine once he is gone, but he offered few new details of the company's succession plan.

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    Warren Buffett is at the center of attention on Saturday at the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting.

  • You know Cramer's Wall of Shame. But how about singling out those brave CEOs who are willing to speak the truth about the ethanol boondoggle?

  • The cereal maker is firing on all cylinders in one of the hardest times in memory for food companies. Here's how they do it.

  • pfizer_ad0508.jpg

    It's the kind of artwork I'm sure they weren't happy to see at Pfizer spacer headquarters this morning. The torn company logo on the front page of the Newark Star-Ledger business section above the headline, "Signs of Wear and Tear."

  • CNBC's Becky Quick sits down with Warren Buffett to discuss the upcoming shareholder meeting. Or as Buffett refers to it, "Woodstock for Capitalists."

  • DEALS_wTEXT.jpg

    As Warren Buffet told CNBC this week, "A good time to buy a really great business is when you can."

  • I've been asked many times to write something about what I think of the guests I interview on "Managing Asia." After close to eight years hosting the show, my personal encounters with CEOs and senior executives are always good talking points. What better way than to pen my thoughts out in a blog? I'm going to start with the President of Ping An Insurance, one of my guests on a recent trip to Hong Kong.

  • It seems Richard Bond and Cramer share a common cause. Find out why this alternative fuel is causing a world food crisis.

  • Warren Buffett

    Berkshire Hathaway, the insurance and investment company run by Warren Buffett, has been preparing succession plans for when the 77-year-old billionaire steps down.

  • Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett will be the center of attention on Saturday at the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting.

  • Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett will be the center of attention on Saturday at the annual shareholder meeting for Berkshire Hathaway, his roughly $200 billion holding company.

  • Dr. Vagelos

    I didn't post yesterday because I was in Philadelphia shooting a story for an upcoming episode of "The Business of Innovation" on CNBC. It's a piece about big pharma and we went to Philly to interview the still very busy former CEO of Merck (two CEOs ago), Dr. Roy Vagelos.

  • Tetra Tech's expecting much bigger growth than its competitors. Let the CEO explain.

  • The numbers are eye-popping.  Millions, sometimes tens of millions, even hundreds of million of dollars in salary, stock and benefits are paid to chief executives of American corporations.

  • Yup. Just look at some of the products this industrial's bringing to market.

  • Cramer's not 100% sure, though. Here's why.

  • Yum!'s Taco Bell -- and its Pizza Hut and KFC franchises -- is a hit overseas. The success is helping the company weather rising food costs.