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  • LONDON, Feb 11- Gold climbed to its highest in almost nine months on Thursday as the dollar, U.S. The Fed is unlikely to reverse its plan to increase rates further this year, but tighter credit markets, volatile financial markets and uncertainty over Chinese economic growth will only allow gradual adjustments to monetary policy, Federal Reserve Chair Janet...

  • *China slowdown hits dairy prices, farmers pile up debt. WELLINGTON, Jan 28- The global curse of too-low inflation struck again on Thursday when the Reserve Bank of New Zealand kept its official cash rate on hold and reopened the door to rate cuts just a month after all but slamming it shut. Su-Lin Ong, a senior economist at RBC Capital Markets, expects cuts in both...

  • The impact of central bank policy

    Peter Michaelis, head of equities at Alliance Trust Investments, talks about central bank policy and whether the Federal Reserve will raise rates again in 2016.

  • SHANGHAI, Jan 19- Chinese shares picked up on Tuesday as the Asian giant confirmed that fourth-quarter growth met expectations, albeit the weakest in nearly seven years, underlining the task Beijing faces in stabilising activity while reforming its economy. Output rose 5.9 percent compared with December 2014, while sales growth confounded analysts by...

  • It's been hard to reinvigorate the economy: HSBC

    There are flavors around the world of a Japanese-like deflation story, says Stephen King, senior economic adviser at HSBC.

  • Traders work in the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index options pit at the Chicago Board Options Exchange on Sept. 17, 2015.

    The economy appears to be growing, but the market is hinting at a different economic picture, says Ron Insana.

  • China faces increasing deflationary risks: HSBC

    Julia Wang, greater China economist at HSBC, says China's inflation has been soft, and that the PBOC should roll out more easing to support growth.

  • Panda Bear

    China is a bear market. That means weak global demand, continued pressure on commodities and "one and done" for the Fed, says Ron Insana.

  • *Commodities rout threatens Japan's consumer price trend. TOKYO, Dec 22- Japan's economics minister said on Tuesday consumer prices do not have to rise by exactly 2 percent before the central bank can declare its inflation target a success or the government can officially call an end to deflation. If consumer prices were rising more than 1.5 percent then that...

  • *China economy still faces downward perssure- report. BEIJING, Dec 16- China's annual economic growth is likely to slow to 6.8 percent next year from an expected 6.9 percent this year, the People's Bank of China said in a working paper published on Wednesday. Recent appreciation in the yuan's real effective exchange rate has put pressure on China's exports,...

  • Ken Moelis

    A lack of inflation and lower interest rates could remain longer than many market watchers expect, one expert said.

  • Wal-Mart finds out just how tough it is in China

    U.S. firms entering China's competitive retail market are realizing how strong local players are, says Frederic Neumann, MD and co-head of Asian economics research at HSBC.

  • Gas station prices

    Deflation talk these days is mostly centered on the euro zone and parts of emerging markets, but the U.S. is dancing on the brink itself.

  • Europe does not have same problems as Japan: UK govt adviser

    Ian Cheshire, former CEO of Kingfisher and Government Lead Non-Executive for the British government, says Japan's economic, structural and demographic problems are unique to itself.

  • 'China markets needs a Draghi-style commentator'

    Beijing needs to make bolder and broader moves to boost market confidence, says Simon Grose-Hodge, head of investment advisory at LGT Bank Singapore.

  • BOJ will not ease further this year: Economist

    Takuji Okubo, principal and chief economist at Japan, says falling deflation means there are no compelling reasons for the Bank of Japan to ease further this year.

  • BOJ to ease monetary policy

    Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda on Monday reiterated the central bank's readiness to expand monetary policy further if needed to achieve its 2 percent inflation target.

  • Watch out for a third wave of deflation: Fidelity

    Dominic Rossi, Global CIO of Fidelity Worldwide Investment, says the global economy is bearing the burnt of a third wave of deflation centered around emerging markets.

  • Fed's low-rate policy is deflationary: Expert

    Nathan Bell, head of research at Peters MacGregor Capital Management, says the Fed's decision to keep interest rates near zero contradicts with its inflation target.

  • US non-farm payroll data out today

    Alan Knuckman, chief options strategist at Bulls-Eye Options, says he is more concerned by the threat of deflation than inflation in the U.S., ahead of the latest job figures.