Economic Regions The European Union

  • Nobel Peace Prize

    The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the European Union the Peace Prize for its long-term role in uniting the continent and said the union had contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights on the continent.

  • Vice Presidential Showdown

    Dick Armey, FreedomWorks Co-Chairman, weighs in on last night's debate.

  • Aussie Jumps, Euro Lifts, Korea Cuts

    Optimism lifts the euro and China lets the yuan lift — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • S&P:  Spain's Growth Prospects a Concern

    Jean-Michel Six, Chief Economist for EMEA, S&P says that both Spain's private and public sectors are de-leveraging and its short-term growth prospects are a concern.

  • Giving Spain More Time Is Appropriate: OECD's Gurria

    Angel Gurria, Sercetary General, OECD shares his views on tackling the euro zone crisis with CNBC. He thinks it's crucial that the IMF and OECD provide support to the bloc to ensure it doesn't spread to regions like Asia.

  • Greece is back in the headlines in the wake of a visit by Germany's Angela Merkel. Here's how one expert sees the euro zone's troubles resolving.

  • IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said the harsh austerity measures European officials are pushing could produce the opposite effect on struggling eurozone nations like Greece and Spain.

  • Roger Altman

    The weakened global economy may not yet have seen the worst of Europe’s rolling debt crisis, which could take at least another two years to resolve, Roger Altman, founder and CEO of Evercore Partners, told CNBC Thursday.

  • Aviva, the U.K.’s largest insurer, has a new boss at the helm and a new strategy.

  • Altman Focuses on Darkened Global Outlook

    "I think the Federal Reserve and the ECB are exactly in the right place," explains Roger Altman, Evercore Partners chairman & founder, weighing in on Europe's economic crisis, Fed policy, and the worsening outlook on global growth.

  • Altman: VP Biden 'Will Be Very Aggressive'

    "I think it is going to be a very interesting debate--and an important one," said Roger Altman, Evercore Partners chairman & founder, discussing what to expect from tonight's vice presidential debate between Vice President Joe Biden and GOP challenger Paul Ryan.

  • Spain Faces Uphill Battle to Resolve Crisis: Standard & Poor’s

    S&P, which cut Spain's credit rating by one notch, warned the country faces an uphill battle because of a worsening recession and doubts over bank recapitalization.

  • Global Markets: European Shares Edge Higher

    CNBC's Kelly Evans has the update on all the market moving events from Europe; including a report Standard & Poor's downgraded Spain's sovereign rating to a notch above "Junk."

  • David Cameron

    U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron warned of the growing risk that Britain’s creditors could start to question “our ability and resolve to pay off our debts” on Wednesday as he wrapped up his Conservative Party’s annual meeting in Birmingham, Britain’s second city.

  • Greek Unemployment Hits New Record Above 25%

    Greece’s official jobless rate hit another record in July, climbing to 25.1 percent, up from 24.8 percent in June.

  • Another Extension for Greece Now Seems a Sure Bet

    The belief that Greece needs more time in order to salvage its economy started as a somewhat-expected plea from Greece itself. Now, however, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), government ministers and economists are convinced that the country needs more time to implement reforms and austerity cuts.

  • The Fate of the Euro Zone

    Paul Sheard, Chief Global Economist at S&P Ratings Services says the fate of the currency bloc is ultimately up to policy makers to ensure that the euro zone is firmly on the path to recovery.

  • CEO Says He Might Have to Fire Employees if Obama Re-Elected

    If President Obama wins the election next month, employees of one big company may be looking for new jobs, reports CNBC's Robert Frank. David Siegel, Westgate Resorts Founder & CEO, who recently built the largest house in the country, and Carly Fiorina, former HP CEO, discuss.

  • magnifying_glass_cloud_200.jpg

    Risk-sensitive currencies have been on a roll, but these strategists say the fun is about to end.

  • Santelli: 'Grow Up! Get Some Courage!'

    Rick Santelli says there are solutions to the nation's economic problems, but "they take courage to implement."