Economic Regions The European Union

  • There's still opportunity for investors in Greece—as long as they exercise caution, the managing director of investment holding company iGroup told CNBC Thursday.

  • Spain

    As shares in Bankia slid further away from their listing price on Wednesday, questions were being asked about the wisdom of having created and floated the Spanish lender in the first place.

  • European Central Bank

    The European Central Bank is indebted to the hilt and is beginning to look like one of the banks it has done so much to save, according to the author Satyajit Das.

  • euro_drowning_200.jpg

    With the euro below its longtime trading range, this strategist thinks more weakness is in store.

  • Man on branch off edge of cliff

    America may start a new economic program called “austerity by inaction.” If this occurs, the United States may find itself in a new economic crisis.

  • Cisco Dip: Buying Opportunity?

    Cisco is trading at its lowest level in close to four months. Is this dip a buying opportunity? Nikos Theodosopoulos, analyst at UBS, weighs in.

  • greece_flag_cracked_200.jpg

    The ongoing trajectory in Greek politics could lead to a scenario under which the Greek government chooses, or is forced, to leave the euro within the next year, Credit Suisse said in a note to clients on Wednesday.

  • Santelli: Europe Will Haunt Markets

    "There will be significant issues in Europe for a very long time," says CNBC's Rick Santelli. Doug Dachille, First Principles Capital Management, and Gillian Tett, Financial Times, also weigh in.

  • The sooner Greece leaves the euro the better, according to venture capitalist Jon Moulton.

  • roubini_nouriel_93.jpg

    Noted market bear Nouriel Roubini has called the ongoing political turmoil in Europe a "slow motion train wreck." Speaking to CNBC in Las Vegas, Roubini said he expects Greece to leave the euro zone by next year.

  • Speaker Boehner's Solutions, Pt. 2

    House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) says the House is working to stop a gigantic tax increase and it's time for the Senate to get to work, with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo.

  • Speaker Boehner's Solutions, Pt. 1

    House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) shares his perspectives on how to cut spending and deal with the regulation he believes is hurting U.S. economic growth, with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo.

  • Left Coalition Party Leader, Alexis Tsipras

    When handed the right to try and form a coalition government in Greece, Alexi Tsipras told the world the Greek bailout agreement is “null and void” and should be abandoned. .

  • Stocks Fall on Europe Worries

    David Spika, WHG Funds VP & investment strategist, offers insight on the market selloff.

  • April 2012The political situation in Greece is far from certain. At the brink of defaulting on its debts, under Lucas Papademos, an unelected technocrat, most Greek legislators have backed further austerity measures in return for a new €130 billion ($184 billion) bail-out by the European Union. Expected to go to the polls in late April or early May, Antonis Samaras the leader of the most popular conservative New Democracy party has promised to honour the spending cuts demanded by the euro zone g

    The outcome of Sunday’s elections in Greece and France has raised fears that the euro zone debt crisis has entered a new phase, as leaders opposed to austerity threaten to wipe out crisis-fighting measures.

  • european_union_crack2_200.jpg

    The euro is not a unifying force and the debt crisis has shown the differences between the euro zone nations rather than enhancing unity, Chris Tinker, founder at Libra Investment Services, told CNBC Tuesday.

  • Charles Dallara, managing director of the Institute of International Finance (IIF).

    Europe and its paymaster Germany have made too much of a focus on austerity at the expense of growth, which has exacerbated the crippling situation in countries like Greece, Charles Dallara, managing director of the Institute of International Finance, told CNBC.

  • Ben Bernanke

    According to one leading hedge fund manager, the recent rise in stocks is a temporary one that will be thwarted by the coming period known as “Taxmageddon.”

  • Greek Election Fallout

    CNBC's Simon Hobbs and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera discuss whether austerity in Europe is dead since this weekend's elections in Greece and France.

  • The Parthenon, illuminated at night, sits at the top of Acropolis hill in Athens, Greece, on Monday, Feb. 13, 2012.

    The surprise winner in the Greek elections is a communist party called the Coalition of the Radical Left. Its leader spoke with CNBC in September about a Greek program to keep the country financially afloat.