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    In this environment of extreme market volatility and periods that swing between “euphoria and panic” it is tempting to follow the news headlines from risk on to risk off and back, UBS CIO Alex Friedman said, but this investment approach will not make you money in the long term.

  • Reichstag Parliment building, Berlin, Germany

    Following a late-night agreement by EU leaders aimed at drawing a line under the sovereign debt and banking crisis, one analyst warned that Germany now looks increasingly isolated.

  • Spain

    Euro zone leaders agreed to radically restructure Spain’s 100 bilion euros ($125.9 billion) bank recapitalisation plan, allowing EU bailout funds to eventually be injected directly into teetering Spanish financial institutions, meaning Madrid can sweep the burden of the bailouts off its sovereign books.

  • EU Debt Deal Only Making Problems Worse: Jim Rogers

    Jim Rogers, Chairman of Rogers Holdings says the latest euro zone deal does nothing to help solve the region's biggest problem, which is its high debt levels.

  • Tough Times Ahead for the Euro: Pro

    Michael Woolfolk, MD & Senior Currency Strategist at BNY Mellon discusses his expectations for the EU summit. He adds that unfavorable market and political conditions could be a drag on the euro.

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    With earnings season just around the corner, Cramer sheds some light on what to expect from six key sectors.

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    With serious talks underway in some countries about the merits of staying in the euro, this strategist says it may be time to price in a possible breakup.

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    Expectations for the European Union summit are low, but this strategist says the euro could still disappoint.

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    The European Union summit looms, and the news gets worse from Britain — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Euro Slides Before EU Summit

    A look at where the euro is headed, ahead of today's EU summit in Brussels, with David Woo, BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research.

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    The “Mad Money” host said investors must learn to boldly go where few have gone before and to challenge the conventional wisdom of the markets.

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    The annual talkfest put on by the Aspen Institute is now in its eighth year, the festival is a favorite with global elites. Here's why.

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    With a key European Union summit looming, the euro may not have priced in a truly dramatic outcome.

  • Cyprus Ready for EU Presidency: Finance Minister

    "Cyprus has been preparing for the rotating presidency of the European Council for quite some time. It's quite ready to take this challenge," Vassos Shiarly, Cyprus finance minister, told CNBC. He added that the fact that this happens when Cyprus asked for aid from the EU was "irrelevant."

  • Santelli: Europe, Holy Grail or Fail?

    CNBC's Rick Santelli weighs in on why he's frustrated by Europe's inability to get their financial house in order.

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    The euro steadies ahead of the summit and the British go shopping - it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Lower Expectations as EU Leaders Begin Summit

    How is uncertainty in Europe stalling U.S. markets? Roger Altman, Evercore Partners chairman & founder, and Jared Bernstein, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, discuss.

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    Euro zone policymakers have a small window of opportunity to save the disintegrating bloc and an orderly Greece exit could save the currency union from total collapse, Gina Sanchez, Director of Equity and Asset Allocation Strategy at Roubini Global Economics told CNBC Wednesday.

  • Bank Bailouts Are 'Forever': Economist

    Garett Jones, Senior Scholar at George Mason University, Mercatus Center says that bank bailouts are constant diet for rich countries and that they are here to stay.

  • Ahead of a two-day EU summit traders were looking for signs to determine whether the market was about to surge or nose-dive. Trader Steve Cortes may have found something.