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  • Iran Poses Biggest Economic Threat?

    Timothy Geithner suggests Iran and oil are bigger threats to the U.S. recovery than Europe, with CNBC's Steve Liesman.

  • fx_fix_1_200.jpg

    Risk appetite grows and European Central Bank President Mario Draghi talks tough - it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Solving the European Debt Dilemmas

    With the substantial rally, there is a significant risk of a correction in the short term, says Gemma Godfrey, Brooks Macdonald Asset Management, who says liquidity pumped into banks has not been passed to the wider economy.

  • Model at the Burberry fashion show

    Asian consumers, and especially the Chinese, are driving the growth in the luxury sector, which has continued unabated despite the woes of the economy elsewhere.

  • greece_050610_night_fire.jpg

    Oil prices will likely consolidate around $100 a barrel this week though any move higher will be capped by market uncertainty on what happens next in Greece. On Sunday night, Greek leaders passed new austerity measures crucial to receiving a second bailout package, but violence in Athens marred the vote.

  • Is China the New Greece?

    Anticipating where markets will turn their collective anxieties next, with Donald Straszheim, ISI Group, and Dennis Berman, Wall Street Journal Marketplace editor.

  • oil_barrels_money.jpg

    The risk premium due to Iran could be contributing as much as $15 to $20 a barrel to global oil prices, according to some experts. But traders warn of more upside risk.

  • Investors trying to take advantage of rising commodity prices should avoid buying smaller, non-diversified mining companies, a commodities fund manager told CNBC Thursday.

  • $140B Worth of Investing Advice

    Robert Michele, J.P. Morgan Asset Mgmt. Global CIO, who oversees $140 billion in assets, offers his view on the markets.

  • In light of Ash Wednesday, Barry Dixon, Head of Davy Research, has given CNBC his top stocks to “give up for Lent.”

  • Take Off Risk?

    Markets are trading near session lows after breaking 13,000 yesterday, with the Fast Money team.

  • The Parthenon in Greece

    Fitch ratings agency on Wednesday slashed its rating for Greek sovereign debt to “C” from “CCC,” indicating that default is “highly likely in the near term.”

  • UBS headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

    Swiss Bank UBS plans to sell more loss-absorbing capital to meet tougher rules for banks following a $2 billion Tier 2 note issue, it said on Wednesday.

  • French President Nicholas Sarkozy

    One week into his re-election campaign, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has already courted plenty of controversy.

  • Act Two for Greek Debt Drama

    Insight on whether the deal to get Greece out of default will work and prevent future troubles, with Julian Callow, Barclays Capital chief European economist.

  • The second Greek bailout deal was finally clinched in the early hours of Tuesday morning, but market reaction has been decidedly mixed so far.

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    Your Money In Motion blogger was temporarily knocked out of commission after a skiing accident. Live from the rehab hospital, here's your FX Fix.

  • Dennis Gartman

    Greece's purported deal with its creditors will only last until a new government takes over following the spring elections, hedge fund manager Dennis Gartman said Tuesday.

  • Greece

    The agreement by private sector holders of Greek government debt to take losses of 53.5 percent as part of the 130 billion euros ($172 billion) second bailout will actually see real losses of more than 70 percent, Charles Dallara, managing director of the Institute of International Finance told CNBC.

  • Global Markets Update: European Markets Down On Greek Economy

    Stock index futures pointed to a rise in U.S. equities on Tuesday after euro zone finance ministers finally sealed a bailout for Greece. European shares steadied on Tuesday after hitting seven-month highs on Monday, with strategists saying the focus would now turn to the bleak outlook for Greece's economy after the country secured a bailout package.