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  • UK Tax Story ‘Sensationalized’: Starbucks CEO

    The widespread criticism and controversy leveled at global coffee chain Starbucks over the amount of tax the company has paid in the U.K. has been exaggerated, chief executive Howard Schultz told CNBC-TV18 in India.

  • Men Better at Saving for Retirement Than Women: Report

    The gap in the amount women and men save for retirement in the U.K. has reached a record high, according to the latest Women and Pensions report from investment firm Scottish Widows.

  • Merkel to Warn UK on Europe Budget Veto

    Germany is planning to warn Britain that it will seek to cancel next month’s European budget summit if David Cameron, the prime minister, insists that he will veto any deal other than a total freeze on spending.  The FT reports.

  • One Billion Women to Enter Workplace in Next Decade: Report

    An EU-wide plan to impose a 40 percent female quota on listed company boards looks likely to be blocked on Tuesday as a rising number of commissioners have expressed categorical opposition to the proposal, the FT reports.

  • Lloyds Eyes Shake-Up of Banker Bonuses

    Lloyds Banking Group is examining whether to ditch the concept of annual bonuses for senior staff and extend the timeframe of longer-term incentives to up to 10 years, according to people briefed on a project to overhaul remuneration, the Financial Times reports

  • Spain Fears Hurting Euro

    David Forrester, Senior Vice President, G10 FX Strategy, Macquarie says that markets are still worried about whether Spain's banks would need a bailout and that the fear is capping gains on the Euro.

  • Merkel¿s Got Italy, Spain on her  ¿Back Foot¿

    Tony Farnham, Economist & Analyst, Patersons Securities says that after walking away with a 'limp' from the June meeting, Merkel's has not managed to win support from Italy, Spain and France on several issues.

  • Euro Zone Crisis Straining Hollande and Merkel’s Unity

    The past week has marked a testing time for the EU’s most important bilateral relationship, with the Socialist Mr Hollande letting fly with some pointed barbs at Ms Merkel – and receiving return fire across the Rhine. The FT reports.

  • What's Really Driving the Euro

    Look through the headline tumult, and the euro is still trading on traditional factors.

  • Ilczyszyn: Key Levels to Watch on Gold

    Rich Ilczyszyn, CEO and founder of iiTrader and a "Futures Now" trader, outlines where gold might be headed.

  • British Prime Minister, David Cameron

    U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron appeared to be distancing himself increasingly from other European Union countries at a European summit on Friday. At the gathering, he said he was prepared to block a European Union budget deal if it is not acceptable to Britain’s interest, whilst his appearance left fellow politicians highlighting his increasing disengagement from the European table.

  • Brewers Battle to Reverse French 150% Tax Increase

    Government plans for a 160 percent increase in the tax on beer, has left the French beer industry reeling.

  • Aussie Jumps, Euro Lifts, Korea Cuts

    Hopes lift the dollar, stalling in Spain hits the euro — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • European Union (EU) flags fly outside the the European Commission headquarters in Brussels.

    Europe needs new legislation to help failed banks unwind as quickly as possible, according to Bank of Finland Governor Erkki Liikanen who is leading the EU advisory group on banking reform.

  • Global Markets: EU Shares Edge Lower

    CNBC's Kelly Evans reports on all the market moving events from Europe, as European leaders meet for a second day to discuss a euro zone-wide banking union.

  • How to Predict the Good Investments of the Future

    Throw that crystal ball out – if you want to be a good investor you’ve got to think like a futurist just like Warren Buffett does, Michael Lee, author of book entitled “Knowing Our Future: The Startling Case for Futurology”, told CNBC.

  • French President Francois Hollande seems to think that the euro zone is “on track” to solving its crisis during yet another summit – but market observers are taking this with a pinch of salt.

  • State of the US Economy

    Slim Feriani, CEO, Advance Emerging Capital expresses optimism for the future of the U.S. economy. He adds that the U.S. fiscal cliff may have already been priced into the markets.

  • UK’s Farage to Starbucks: Stop Playing Both Sides

    Coffee giant Starbucks should stop aggressively promoting its sense of corporate responsibility if it plans to continue using tax strategies that help the company avoid paying high taxes in the U.K., a European lawmaker told CNBC Thursday.

  • Markets Across Europe Close

    CNBC's Simon Hobbs, Rick Santelli & Gary Kaminsky offer insight on the market close in Europe.