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GM forecasts 16.5-17 million US sales  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 12:54 PM ET

General Motors CEO Mary Barra commented today on her first year leading the company. CNBC's Phil LeBeau says the company is confident about sales for 2015.

Sovereign wealth funds are turning to U.S. real estate to try to get more yield, Starwood Capital chief Barry Sternlicht told CNBC on Thursday.

JCP to close 40 stores, Aeropostale higher  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 12:50 PM ET

CNBC's Morgan Brennan reports where retail stocks are trading right now.

Billionaire Marc Lasry says he is involved in Greek government bonds. CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera provides insight to the value.

The bet on distressed energy  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 12:41 PM ET

Avenue Capital's Marc Lasry spoke out about buying up the debt of distressed oil companies. CNBC's Kate Kelly explains how hedge funds are trading energy.

The contrarian trade: MSI, SYF & KN  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 12:41 PM ET

Three contrarian stock picks in the theme of spinoffs, with Dan Kozlowski, Janus Contrarian Fund.

Futures Now: US dollar keeps rising  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 12:30 PM ET

The Futures Now team discusses the strong dollar, and the impact to U.S. markets.

NHTSA: Honda fined $70 million  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 12:29 PM ET

Honda has agreed to pay $70 million in fines for failing to report 1,729 accidents over an 11-year period in which people were injured or killed, reports CNBC's Phil LeBeau.

Extreme move in Dick's Sporting Goods  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 12:23 PM ET

FMHR trader Jon Najarian explains one options trade with an impressive 3,000 percent return.

Too much negativity on Google: Josh Brown  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 12:23 PM ET

Stifel Nicolaus downgraded Google, and the stock hit a new low today. Josh Brown says this stock is a cash machine, and is not crazy expensive.

FMHR portfolio: EOG, AAPL, VXX & MCK  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 12:13 PM ET

Check out which stocks are in FMHR trader Joe Terranova's battle for the trader of the year portfolio.

Larry Altman's biggest worry  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 12:03 PM ET

Professional day trader Larry Altman discusses the unknown effects of lower oil prices. He says the market is going up and down like air.

Strongest bull market ever over?  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 12:00 PM ET

Stocks are higher yet again, but is the bull tired? Dan Greenhaus, BTIG; and the FMHR traders, discuss.

In defense of Marissa Mayer  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 11:52 AM ET

Discussing the Yahoo turnaround, angel investor Jason Calacanis, defends Marissa Meyer and highlights her successes as Yahoo CEO.

Trade deficit autopsy  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 11:45 AM ET

CNBC's Rick Santelli discusses the latest action in the bond market, and discusses ways to lessen the trade deficit.

Analyzing today's tech success  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 11:37 AM ET

Jon Steinberg, Daily Mail North America CEO, and the "Squawk Alley" crew dig into the strong performance of tech stocks today, and discuss the future of Google.

Reasons for today's rally  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 11:35 AM ET

CNBC's Bob Pisani looks at what stocks and sectors are driving today's "broad based" rally.

CNBC's Landon Dowdy explains why many employees are having more trouble paying their insurance premiums.

How to play oil-based stocks  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 11:50 AM ET

Shell is definitely a choice for investors as the most "defensive" oil services stock currently says Jason Gammel, oil equities analyst at Jefferies.

Paris: A city 'under attack'  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 11:40 AM ET

As the investigation into the "Charlie Hebdo" magazine shootings continues, CNBC's Hadley Gamble reports about the latest whereabouts of the two main suspects.

Europe's strong rally  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 11:30 AM ET

CNBC's Simon Hobbs reports on all the market moving events in Europe today, including a big conversation on QE and a dip for German industrial orders.

As the investigation into the "Charlie Hebdo" magazine shootings continues, CNBC's Hadley Gamble reports about what we currently know about the two main suspects.

Tesco: Past its sell-by date?  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 11:20 AM ET

CNBC's Catherine Boyle reports on what is in-store for Tesco during 2015.

Tesco has a 'fresh pair of eyes'  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 11:20 AM ET

Tesco shares soar as it works on a new turnaround, on the same day that Marks & Spencer's drops due to poor Christmas sales. Guy Grainger, U.K. CEO of Jones Lang LaSalle, discusses.

Charlie Hebdo: 'Legitimate self-expression?'  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 11:15 AM ET

Discussing the recent attacks on the magazine "Charlie Hebdo" offices, Crispin Hawes, managing director at Teneo Intelligence, says that while Western countries may see these cartoons as "legitimate self-expression," this wouldn¿t be accepted elsewhere.

Discussing the recent attacks on the magazine "Charlie Hebdo" offices, Crispin Hawes, managing director at Teneo Intelligence, says that when events like these happen, some individuals may sympathise and find that copycat attacks do become "attractive."

European stocks surged to close almost 3 percent higher after European Central Bank President Mario Draghi reiterated on Thursday that the central bank was ready to start "full-blown" quantitative easing.

Sen. Boxer not running in 2016  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 11:27 AM ET

California will have an open Senate seat as democratic Senator Barbara Boxer has announced she will not run for re-election in 2016. CNBC's John Harwood reports the details.

Paris shooting: A greater conspiracy?  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 11:23 AM ET

Former CIA field commander Gary Bernstein, shares his thoughts on how the intelligence community is responding to the terrorist attacks in Paris and who else may be involved given the high level of sophistication.

Blodget to Starboard: Give Yahoo some time  Thu, 8 Jan '15 | 11:16 AM ET

Henry Blodget, Business Insider editor-in-chief & CEO, weighs in on Starboard's letter to Yahoo where the activist investor expressed concern over a potential acquisition.

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