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Golkar support is key for Jokowi: IHS     Thu, 21 Aug '14 | 10:32 PM ET

Apart from providing political experience, support from the Golkar party will help Jokowi garner a majority in the House of Representatives, says Amarjit Singh, Senior Analyst, Country Risk at IHS.

Why the Fed is clearly behind the curve     Thu, 21 Aug '14 | 10:15 PM ET

Recent positive housing, lending and capital spending data suggest that the U.S. economoy is recovering faster than expected, says Chris Watling, CEO of Longview Economics.

Chris Watling, CEO of Longview Economics, expects volatility to return soon to markets as Fed easing comes to an end. He later discusses how that may present opportunities.

A credible opposition from Prabowo is unlikely after the court ruling and as his allies face pressure to break away from him, says Adam Jarczyk, Practice Leader, Asia Pacific at Frontier Strategy Group.

Tracking China's antitrust activism     Thu, 21 Aug '14 | 8:45 PM ET

Richard Harris, Chief Executive, Port Shelter Investment Management, explains why Beijing wants to "clip the wings of foreign firms" in the mainland.

Saturation in the domestic market is fueling Chinese smartphone makers' expansion plans beyond the mainland, but can they take on global leaders like Samsung? CNBC's Julia Wood reports.

Viktor Shvets, Head of Strategy Research, Asia at Macquarie, explains why Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam offer interesting long-term opportunities in Southeast Asia.

Qunar CEO: Why mobile is the way to go     Thu, 21 Aug '14 | 9:44 PM ET

Zhuang Chenchao, CEO & Co-Founder of Qunar, expects the Chinese travel website to transition into a mobile company within a year, driven by rapid growth in its mobile revenue.

Glenn Hubbard, Former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under former U.S. President George W. Bush, explains why Fed chair Yellen won't veer from her dovish stance.

Residential units are seen clustered tightly together in an apartment complex in the Quarry Bay area of Hong Kong.

Unaffordable home prices have been a longstanding complaint among Hong Kong citizens. CNBC's Emily Tan sets out to find a property in the city with a budget of half a million dollars.

Pamela Meanes, President of National Bar Association, explains why it is suing Ferguson city and its police department for documents related to Michael Brown's shooting.

Chen Xiaodong, President & CEO, Intime Retail Group, describes the firm's diversification plans. He also explains why the partnership with Alibaba complements its e-commerce platform.

Steven Englander, Global Head of G10 FX Strategy at Citi, discusses his expectations for Fed chair Yellen's key note speech at the Jackson Hole Symposium on Friday.

John Carey, EVP & Portfolio Manager at Pioneer Investments, says consumer stocks will likely benefit from improved consumer confidence and a better Christmas season ahead.

Richard Martin, Managing Director at IMA Asia, says Jokowi needs to focus on assembling his Cabinet after Indonesia's highest constitutional court upheld his presidential victory on Thursday.

John Derrick, Director of Research & Portfolio Manager at U.S. Global Investors, expects the divergence in monetary policies between the U.S. and Europe to be discussed at the central bankers' summit.

Even though the U.S. is seeing a recovery, the Fed is unlikely to quicken the pace of a interest rate hike, says Tim Adams, President & CEO at Institute of International Finance.

Meg Whitman, President & CEO, Hewlett-Packard, tells CNBC the firm needs to continue growing its software business, which is in the midst of a "very difficult transition."

Cramer: Where BofA could be headed     Thu, 21 Aug '14 | 6:58 PM ET

Mad Money host Jim Cramer shares his final thoughts of the day on Bank of America's nearly $17 billion settlement with government.

Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce.com, discusses the exciting revenue growth and its "awesome" quarterly numbers, with Mad Money's Jim Cramer. Benioff says it's never been more important for all businesses to connect with their customers in a new way.

Cramer's winning stock roster     Thu, 21 Aug '14 | 6:00 PM ET

Mad Money host Jim Cramer says to stop dissing the stock market and outlines a list of winning stocks for investors.

The Fast Money traders share their final trades of the day.

A bearish bet on Sears with CNBC contributor Mike Khouw of Dash Financial Group.

Scott Crowe, Resource Real Estate, shares a commercial real estate game plan.

The Fast Money traders take a look at today's biggest market movers.

What to do with all that nat gas     Thu, 21 Aug '14 | 5:40 PM ET

Infrastructure cannot keep up with the production of natural gas in the U.S. CNBC's Morgan Brennan reports on the ramp up of natural gas

Nat gas sales booming in Texas     Thu, 21 Aug '14 | 5:40 PM ET

Andrew Littlefair, Clean Energy Fuels president and CEO, discusses value being unlocked by moving natural gas to the transportation market.

Why CLSA thinks Tesla is going to $300     Thu, 21 Aug '14 | 5:30 PM ET

Andrew Fung, CLSA, sees significant opportunity for volume growth at Tesla.

Bart Chilton, DLA Piper senior policy advisor and CFTC former commissioner, talks about the "revolving door" between the public and private sector.

What will Tuesday's Durable Goods Orders reveal? Jim Iuorio and Scott Nations discuss with Jackie DeAngelis.

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