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Gold gives back 2014 gains     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 1:00 PM ET

The gold pain continues, as the precious metal nears $1,200. What's wrong with gold? With CNBC's Bertha Coombs and the Futures Now Traders, Jeff Kilburg & Scott Nations, both at the CME.

Outside the Tank with Eco Nuts     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 2:00 AM ET

They were up for two deals – a marriage or a business. What happened to Scott and Mona from EcoNuts on "Shark Tank."

Brad Rose designs slot machine games for WMS, part of Scientific Games. He's debuting new products at the Global Gaming Expo, and explains how he recruits college grads more used to videogames than slots.

5-Star bond strategies     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 1:40 PM ET

Jack McIntyre, Brandywine Global Flagship Fund, and Brad Friedlander, Angel Oak Multi-Strategy Income, share the best way to play the fixed income markets.

CNBC's Scott Wapner reports the SEC has charged two men with insider trading in Herbalife shares. One of the charged men was the roommate of a former Pershing Square analyst.

Gaming's impact on US economy     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 1:35 PM ET

CNBC's Jane Wells reports on the expansion of the gaming industry in the U.S.

U.S. Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.) gave security company ADT a shout-out during a Congressional hearing on Tuesday. Congress grilled the Secret Service on security lapses at the White House.

Q4 momentum     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 1:31 PM ET

CNBC's Dominic Chu looks at where momentum is heading into the final quarter of the year.

LeBeau test drives Ford's new truck     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 1:15 PM ET

CNBC's Phil LeBeau test drives Ford's new F-Series truck and reviews the durability, handling and removal of steel panels.

China's rich and US real estate     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 1:15 PM ET

CNBC's Dominic Chu explains why Hong Kong matters for business and investors. CNBC's Robert Frank looks at how the protests are impacting China's wealthy.

Roots of Hong Kong protests     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 1:12 PM ET

CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera looks at history of why Chinese citizens believe they can demand democracy from the Chinese government.

Chinese authorites vetting Internet     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 1:10 PM ET

CNBC's Eunice Yoon reports on aggressive steps by Chinese authorities to deal with the Hong Kong protests. TV networks including CNBC have been blacked out in Beijing.

What's driving the selloff     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 1:06 PM ET

Anastasia Amoroso, JPMorgan Funds, says the pickup of volatility in the short end of the yield curve is causing a selloff. Bill Stone, PNC Asset Management Group, provides perspective.

How to play market now     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 1:04 PM ET

Best way to play a strong U.S. dollar, with Jim Iuorio, TJM Institutional Services director.

Pisani: Gold starting to impact market     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 1:01 PM ET

CNBC's Bob Pisani tracks today's market activity and sees across the board weakness in oil.

4 Hackers charged by DOJ     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 1:01 PM ET

CNBC's Eamon Javers reports 4 hackers have been charged with stealing Apache helicopter software as well as stealing Xbox software games.

FMHR Final Trade: FSLR, CP, CMCSA & DOW     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 12:58 PM ET

The FMHR traders reveal their final trades.

Trader sticking with EOG     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 12:51 PM ET

The FMHR traders continue the competition for trader of the year and look at their playbook portfolios. Stephanie Link has added Starbucks and Twitter.

Vegas doubles down on different future     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 12:51 PM ET

A new park and arena is being built as casino alternatives in Las Vegas, reports CNBC's Jane Wells.

Ford dirt cheap: Josh Brown     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 12:45 PM ET
Ford's F-150.

FM trader Pete Najarian likes Ford at its current levels and thinks the bad news is priced in. Josh Brown says the stock is dead money.

Futures Now: Gold tarnished     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 12:39 PM ET
American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins

The Futures Now team discusses how the dollar is impacting commodities.

Under the radar: Panera, Expedia & more     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 12:37 PM ET

The FMHR traders share 3 under the radar stocks they are watching today.

Oracle's new CEO     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 12:30 PM ET

CNBC's Jon Fortt spoke with Oracle CEO Mark Hurd about how Oracle will compete in the cloud and platform space.

4 Stocks, 4 trades: WAG, FB, NFLX & MAS     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 12:27 PM ET

The FMHR traders take their positions on four stocks making news today, including Facebook, Netflix and Masco.

Playing eBay, PayPal split     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 12:15 PM ET

The FMHR traders discuss eBay's decision to split with PayPal. Josh Brown would not be a buyer of eBay on the news.

Bacon cheeseburger index     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 12:00 PM ET

CNBC.com's Finance Editor Jeff Cox breaks down the inflation in the Bacon Cheeseburger Index.

Medtronic will likely restructure the terms of its Covidien acquisition after the U.S. Treasury Department introduced new rules aimed at curbing tax inversions.

Protests rattle U.S. markets     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 11:01 AM ET

Protests in Hong Kong grabbed Wall Street's attention and increased concern about potential long-term economic repercussions in China.

U.S. growth outlook     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 11:01 AM ET

Chicago Federal Reserve President Charles Evans is urging caution about raising benchmark interest rates too soon.

Pending home sales dip     Tue, 30 Sep '14 | 11:01 AM ET

The number of people signing contracts to buy existing homes dropped in August, which does not bode well for the fall housing season.

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