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Anaplan: A disruptor in cloud-based planning

Fred Laluyaux, CEO of Anaplan, discusses how his company is planning to take on the likes of Microsoft Excel, by reinventing business planning software.

JNJ tops estimates, lowers guidance   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 8:05 AM ET
JNJ tops estimates, lowers guidance

CNBC's Meg Tirrell has the break down on Johnson & Johnson's quarterly results, amid currencies headwinds.

California water wars   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 7:43 AM ET
California water wars

CNBC's Jane Wells reports on the growing feud between farmers and families over the state's dwindling water supply as restrictions slash residential and business usage by 25 percent.

Crude tests top of range: Expert   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 7:35 AM ET
Crude tests top of range: Expert

Matt Smith, Schneider Electric, weighs in on rising oil prices, as U.S. crude production slows and global demand picks up. Rebecca Patterson, Bessemer Trust CIO, provides perspective.

JPM beats Q1 expectations   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 7:17 AM ET
JPM beats Q1 expectations

Marty Mosby, Vining Sparks, breaks down JPMorgan's quarterly earnings, and shares his outlook on big banks.

Market eyes earnings and China   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 7:05 AM ET
Market eyes earnings and China

Rebecca Patterson, Bessemer Trust CIO, and Barbara Reinhard, Credit Suisse, discuss how cheap oil and a strong dollar are taking a toll on corporate earnings. Also a look at the likely fallout if China devalues the yuan.

Timeless lessons from 3 top tech titans   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 6:50 AM ET
Timeless lessons from 3 top tech titans

Michael Cusumano, "Strategy Rules" co-author, and David Yoffie, "Strategy Rules" co-author, share insight on how Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Andy Grove were able to stand out above their peers and change the tech world forever.

Make your money count   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 7:00 AM ET
Make your money count

CNBC's Landon Dowdy explains how to start investing while you are young, and let time and compounding make you a millionaire.

Bank profits? Depends on size: Dick Bove   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 6:42 AM ET
Bank profits? Depends on size: Dick Bove

Dick Bove, Rafferty Capital, discusses what investors can expect from the financial sector as earnings pour in throughout the week.

Changing the world of giving   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 6:28 AM ET
Changing the world of giving

Jay Fielden, Town and Country editor, reveals this year's list of the top 50 philanthropist and how they are changing the paradigm of giving.

Ready to ditch the plug?   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 6:00 AM ET
Ready to ditch the plug?

One automaker is developing an electric charging platform that can charge your electric car wirelessly. Phil Han reports.

Marco Rubio makes presidential bid   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 6:14 AM ET
Marco Rubio makes presidential bid

CNBC's John Harwood reports on Marco Rubio's political advantages and disadvantages as the race for the White House heats up.

Stocks seek rebound from Monday losses   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 5:45 AM ET
Stocks seek rebound from Monday losses

The Dow and S&P 500 coming off their first losing session in four, leaving them without a four-day win streak in more than two months.

UK narrowly avoids deflation   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 4:30 AM ET
UK narrowly avoids deflation

Derek Halpenny, European head of global currency research at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, says it wouldn't have been "too big a deal" if the U.K. had entered deflation.

Theresa May defends right-to-buy scheme   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 4:20 AM ET
Theresa May defends right-to-buy scheme

As the U.K. Conservative Party launches its manifesto, Home Secretary Theresa May talks to CNBC about the beneficial aspects of the right-to-buy scheme in the U.K.

Is the oil market overbought?   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 4:00 AM ET
Is the oil market overbought?

Eugen Weinberg, head of commodity research at Commerzbank, says that for the U.S. and Europe, the effects of a falling oil price should be positive on the economic side.

Hang Seng rally will subside: Analyst   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 2:30 AM ET
Hang Seng rally will subside: Analyst

Kerry Craig, market analyst at JP Morgan Asset Management, says he's alarmed by the moves on the Hong Kong market, but believes the Hang Seng rally will eventually subside.

US banks suffering from lower margins: Analyst

Chris Wheeler, U.S. banks analyst at Atlantic Equities, says that while lenders have seen decent loan growth, it isn't enough to compensate for lower margins.

Inflation to pick up by year-end: Pro   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 1:30 AM ET
Inflation to pick up by year-end: Pro

Bob Parker, senior advisor for investment, strategy and research at Credit Suisse, says he expects inflation to pick up by the end of the year as wages and commodity prices rise.

Ordinary people have suffered income drop: Labour Party advisor

Labour Party advisor and former CEO of Wickes and Iceland, Bill Grimsey, says there are concerns over the pay packages of FTSE 100 directors, while ordinary people suffer cuts to their disposable income.

Hope for European pick-up by 2017: Sorrell   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 3:00 AM ET
Hope for European pick-up by 2017: Sorrell

WPP CEO, Martin Sorrell, says he is seeing improvement in Western Europe, and hopes there will be a pick-up in growth by 2017.

Clients still very cautious: Martin Sorrell

WPP CEO, Martin Sorell, says his clients are still incredibly cautious and unwilling to invest in the future.

I'm a bull on China: Martin Sorrell   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 3:00 AM ET
I'm a bull on China: Martin Sorrell

WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell explains why he's still bullish on China.

Deutsche Bank should stick to investment banking: Analyst

Chris Wheeler, U.S. banks analyst at Atlantic Equities, says Deutsche Bank should stick to investment banking, but whether it could make enough money from that business alone is unclear.

Europe opens mixed; confidence drops ahead of earnings

European equities opened mixed Tuesday amid investor caution as first-quarter earnings season officially kicks off

It's the robot revolution   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 2:00 AM ET
It's the robot revolution

CNBC's Phil Han reports from the Hannover Messe tradefair and uncovers what new robotic technology could drastically change our lives

Ctrip: Surviving China's competitive tourism sector

China's booming travel sector is driving growth for many online players. In this episode of "Managing Asia", CNBC speaks to the boss of mainland's biggest travel website, Ctrip.com.

The factors that are weighing on the euro   Tue, 14 Apr '15 | 12:44 AM ET
The factors that are weighing on the euro

Sean Callow, senior currency strategist at Westpac Bank, says uncertainty over Greece and the European Central Bank's bond-buying program will keep the euro weak.

Singapore's MAS stands pat on monetary policy

Alvin Liew, senior economist at UOB, attributes the Monetary Authority of Singapore's decision to hold off easing to a "slightly more positive picture" on global economy.

Why Russia's missile deliveries to Iran is a concern

Malcolm Jorgensen, lecturer at University of Sydney, says Russia's move to supply a missile defense system could disrupt the "fine balance" achieved two weeks ago over Iran's nuclear program.

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