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World's most expensive city     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 2:57 PM ET

London has ousted Hong Kong as the world's most expensive city, reports CNBC's Robert Frank.

Small cap portfolio plays     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 2:52 PM ET

Doug Sandler, Riverfront Investment Group, and Eric Marshall, Hodges Small Cap Fund, discuss opportunity in small caps and provide their best small cap plays right now.

Tax crackdown impact on pharma deals     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 2:45 PM ET

Discussing how the Treasury Department's new rules to end tax inversions could impact the pharma deals, with Michael Faerm, Wells Fargo Securities.

ISIS oil threat     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 2:36 PM ET

Discussing how U.S. airstrikes against ISIS will impact oil and smuggling in the region, with Burdin Hickok, Tigress Financial Partners.

Oil mixed after ISIS bombing     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 2:35 PM ET

Despite violence in the Middle East, CNBC's Bertha Coombs reports oil production in Iraq and Libya is up.

Delivering airline profitability     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 2:22 PM ET

Seth Kaplan, Airline Weekly managing partner, discusses his latest airline rankings and reveals who is at the top of the profit pack.

Debate: Inversion policy & tax reform     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 2:12 PM ET

Debating the plan to prevent tax inversions, Doug Holtz-Eakin, American Action Forum, says the Treasurys plan is worse than doing nothing. Christian Weller, Center for American Progress, explains why he favors inversion regulation.

Treasury inversion rules     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 2:11 PM ET

CNBC's Eamon Javers discusses the Treasury Department's new rules to discourage companies from moving their headquarters overseas to avoid taxes.

Conditions to kill rally?     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 2:00 PM ET

Are Treasurys seeing a safe haven bid? CNBC's Rick Santelli and Bob Pisani break down the current action in bonds and equities.

CNBC's Tyler Mathisen, Jon Fortt and Morgan Brennan looks at today's "Power Lunch" stories, including Alibaba's future, fights over the iPhone 6 and NFL's new female hire.

What military action means for oil     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 1:10 PM ET

Crude moves off its lows. What military action means to oil, with CNBC's Bertha Coombs and the Futures Now Traders.

Wealth gap: Blame the buybacks     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 1:48 PM ET

CNBC's Jeff Cox explains the effect stock buybacks have on economic growth.

Market following economy: Pro     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 1:04 PM ET

Where small cap names are headed, with Dave Ellison, Hennessy Funds, and Andrew Slimmon, Morgan Stanley.

Andy Hecht, a veteran of commodity trading and the author of ¿Making Money with Commodities,¿ argues that silver and the US dollar point to a lot more pain for gold.with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

Jimmy Choo to list shares in London     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 1:48 PM ET

CNBC's Seema Mody reports Jimmy Choo will list its IPO in London. The public offering could value the company at $1.1 billion.

Facebook's new ad play     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 1:38 PM ET

CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports on how Facebook is extending its reach with a new advertising platform.

Death cross indicator     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 1:38 PM ET

If the broader market can survive the "death cross" in small caps, with Kenny Polcari, O'Neil Securities, and Ben Willis, Princeton Securities Group.

Tearing down Apple's iPhone 6     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 1:25 PM ET
A customer holds an iPhone 6 Plus, left, and an iPhone 6 after the phones went on sale at the Fifth Avenue Apple store in New York, Sept. 19, 2014.

Apple spends between $200 and $247 for parts and labor to build an iPhone 6, a teardown of the anticipated device showed Tuesday. CNBC's Tyler Mathiesen discusses the results with Andrew Rassweiler of IHS.

Santelli: Good 2-year bond auction     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 1:30 PM ET

CNBC's Rick Santelli discusses bond prices and yields.

Trading the iPhone 6     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 1:28 PM ET

CNBC's Josh Lipton looks at iPhone 6 component stocks.

Health and Human Services has put out a new report today looking at insurance offerings on Federal and State Exchange market places, reports CNBC's Bertha Coombs.

Cadillac's move to NYC     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 1:20 PM ET

Cadillac will be moving its headquarters to New York City in 2015, reports CNBC's Phil LeBeau.

Buyer or seller market?     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 1:18 PM ET

CNBC'S Diana Olick defines the perimeters of buyer and seller markets in the U.S. California, Seattle and Dallas are among the top seller markets.

CNBC'S Bob Pisani dissects today's trading and global risks.

Futures Now, September 23, 2014     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 1:10 PM ET

Stocks lose ground, gold will follow silver down, and what military action in the Middle East means for oil, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders. Also, a tribute to FN trader, Rich Ilczyszyn, who passed away over the weekend.

US uses F-22 against ISIS     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 1:16 PM ET

Reports say the F-22 Raptor by Lockheed Martin made its combat debut Monday in airstrikes against ISIS, with CNBC's Jane Wells.

Treasury inversion crackdown     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 1:09 PM ET

CNBC's Eamon Javers reports on the Treasury Department's efforts to eliminate tax inversions. CNBC's Meg Tirrell discusses how the pharma industry could be impacted.

Silver touches a four-year low. How low can gold go? With Andrew Hecht, "How to Make Money in Commodities" author, CNBC's Bertha Coombs and the Futures Now Traders.

Futures Now trader Rich Ilczyszyn passed away over the weekend. In this Futures Now tribute, Ilczyszyn's fellow traders and host Jackie DeAngelis remember him fondly.

Stocks lose ground, so what's next?     Tue, 23 Sep '14 | 1:00 PM ET

What's weighing down the market? A technical check on stocks, with CNBC's Bertha Coombs and the Futures Now Traders, Jim Iourio at the CME and Anthony Grisanti at the Nymex.

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