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What traders are watching end of day...   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 3:34 PM ET
What traders are watching end of day...

Gordon Charlop, Rosenblatt Securities, discuss what is most important in the last thirty minutes of the trading day.

CNBC update: Walmart pay raise   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 3:29 PM ET
CNBC update: Walmart pay raise

Walmart will raise minimum wage for 100K U.S. workers; and Californians were able to reduce water usage by 13.5% in April, reports CNBC's Sue Herera.

#SuperRich: Triple Crown   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 3:20 PM ET
#SuperRich: Triple Crown

Secret Lives of the Super Rich premieres Thursday at 10p ET/PT.

'Crackpots' behind bomb threats: Fmr. Captain

Airline stocks continue to take a hit as news of bomb threats breaks. Insight, with Jack Mohr, Thestreet.com, and Denny Kelly, former Braniff Airways captain.

EU leaders hold late-night summit on Greece

CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera with new developments on Greece's scramble to renegotiate its debt with international creditors.

#SuperRich: 24K gold cocktail   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 3:10 PM ET
#SuperRich: 24K gold cocktail

Bottom¿s Up! It¿s everyone¿s favorite cocktail at the Kentucky Derby: the Mint Julep. But this time, it¿s served in a gold cup. And we promise your bar tab won¿t run cheap. Tune in Thursday 10p ET/PT.

#SuperRich: Best seats in the house   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 3:05 PM ET
#SuperRich: Best seats in the house

Take a look as only our cameras watched, what is now the most famous horse in America, from the best seats in the house, at the most prestigious race in the horse racing world.

Closing Bell Exchange: Mixed economic data

Discussing economic data and May's auto sales, with David Kudla, Mainstay Capital Engagement; Joseph Tanious, Bessemer Trust; and CNBC's Phil LeBeau.

#SuperRich: Air horse one   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 3:00 PM ET
#SuperRich: Air horse one

Even horses can fly first class! Take a look as we go inside a custom Boeing 727 that¿s been transformed into the ultimate stable in the sky!

May auto Sales rate 17.79 million: Autodata

CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports on the pace of auto sales in the month of May.

Made in the USA: Chapman Skateboards   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 2:55 PM ET
Made in the USA: Chapman Skateboards

Gregg Chapman, founder of Chapman Skateboards, discusses production of products in the U.S.

Beefing up a burger joint   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 2:51 PM ET
Beefing up a burger joint

"The Profit" host Marcus Lemonis previews an episode of "The Profit" airing at 10 PM on CNBC.

Street Talk: Jefferies says buy BOJA   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 2:30 PM ET
Street Talk: Jefferies says buy BOJA

"Power Lunch" hosts Melissa Lee and Brian Sullivan look at 5 stocks with analyst recommendations, including Bojangles and Workday.

Overworked & overstressed   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 2:42 PM ET
Overworked & overstressed

According to a study, individuals working in financial services are 1 and a half times more likely to commit suicide than the national average. CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin; Dominic Chu and "The Profit" host Marcus Lemonis discuss long hours in the workplace.

Trading Nation: Airlines slide   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 2:35 PM ET
Trading Nation: Airlines slide

The play on the airline space, with Stacey Gilbert, Susquehanna; and Ari Wald, Oppenheimer and CNBC's Brian Sullivan.

Small caps: Bull vs. bear   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 2:23 PM ET
Small caps: Bull vs. bear

Are small cap stocks your best bet, or are they overvalued? Lamar Villere, Villere Balanced Fund, likes Financial Engines; but Jack Ablin, BMO Private Bank, thinks these stocks are overvalued.

Twitter is set to fly: Trader   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 2:30 PM ET
Twitter is set to fly: Trader

Technical analyst Andrew Keene explains why Twitter could rally as much as 37% in the next six months.

Sectors ripe for M&A   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 2:15 PM ET
Sectors ripe for M&A

What factors continue to drive M&A activity, and whether a big deal is brewing with SABMiller, with Howard Lanser, RW Baird managing director.

New toys for Disney a game changer?   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 2:09 PM ET
New toys for Disney a game changer?

Playmation Studios is being unveiled as Disney releases a new line of high-tech toys. David Bank, RBC Capital Markets, discusses the potential benefit to the company.

Transports lag industrials   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 2:05 PM ET
Transports lag industrials

Discussing the action in the transports, and the correlation to market action, with Andrew Burkly, Oppenheimer & Co., and Jim Iuorio, TJM Institutional Services.

Bold analyst expects correction   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 2:03 PM ET
Bold analyst expects correction

Barry Bannister at Stifel Nicolaus expects a market correction, with CNBC's Dominic Chu.

Takata under fire   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 2:02 PM ET
Takata under fire

Lawmakers are holding a congressional hearing on the Takata airbag recall, with CNBC's Phil LeBeau, and "The Profit" host Marcus Lemonis.

Top states & the 2016 election   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 1:42 PM ET
Top states & the 2016 election

CNBC's Scott Cohn digs into data on governors from the Top States for Business list who have declared they are running for president.

Oil prices rebound   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 2:30 PM ET
Oil prices rebound

CNBC's Bertha Coombs tracks oil action into the close.

Penthouse flipping on a really rich people level

CNBC's Robert Frank reports on luxury apartment flipping happening in New York City. "The Profit" host Marcus Lemonis, weighs in.

Pinterest announces buyable pins   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 1:50 PM ET
Pinterest announces buyable pins

Pinterest, known as the "world's bulletin board" is announcing a new product to buy your pins, reports CNBC's Josh Lipton.

George Zimmer back with zTailors   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 1:48 PM ET
George Zimmer back with zTailors

George Zimmer has started zTailors, which is a nationwide network of tailors who will come to your home or business. "The Profit" host Marcus Lemonis, weighs in.

Santelli: Here's the important chart   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 1:38 PM ET
Santelli: Here's the important chart

CNBC's Rick Santelli discusses bond prices and yields.

Your best bet if market pulls back   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 1:34 PM ET
Your best bet if market pulls back

Discussing expectations for the market when the Fed eventually hikes rates, with Nicholas Colas, Convergex, and Bob Landry, USAA.

3 iPhone hacks you need to know   Tue, 2 Jun '15 | 1:55 PM ET
3 iPhone hacks you need to know

Here are three simple shortcuts to streamline your day and help you get the most out of your iPhone.

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