• Don't Hold Breath For New Fed Action in Jackson Hole Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011 | 5:37 PM ET

    Those looking for a clear and unambiguous green light for QE3 from Fed Chairman Ben Bernake’s much anticipated speech in Jackson Hole on Friday could be disappointed.

  • Best Bet in Bonds     Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011 | 1:35 PM ET

    Analysis on where to find the best investments in fixed income, with Bill Eigen, JPMorgan Asset Management.

  • 2-Year Note Auction: 0.222% Yield     Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011 | 1:07 PM ET

    CNBC's Rick Santelli reports on today's Treasury yields from the CME.

  • Bad Sharma     Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011 | 12:25 PM ET

    Discussing the departure of S&P's president, Deven Sharma, and whether there is a chance the U.S. will get its top grade back, with Sean Egan, Egan Jones Rating Services

  • Santelli's Morning Bond Report     Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011 | 9:38 AM ET

    CNBC's Rick Santelli has the update on bond yields.

  • Economy: Prognosis Negative?     Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011 | 7:40 AM ET

    The Treasury market is giving you a recessionary signal, says David Rosenberg, Gluskin Sheff & Associates, who adds that a decline in the GDP will not be that catastrophic but it could last a long time; with Doug Dachille, First Principles Capital Management.

  • Greek Crisis Now Worse, Not Better: Analyst Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011 | 6:09 AM ET
    Demonstrators shout slogans against government's recent austerity economy measures during a protest in Athens.

    On July 21, EU leaders agreed to a second bailout for Greece, one that was supposed to draw a line under the euro zone debt crisis and give the new government in Athens a chance come to grips with the huge debts it inherited when it was elected. One month later, and the situation appears to be getting worse rather than better, according to Simon Derrick, the head of currency research at Bank of New York Mellon.

  • US Downgrade: Is S&P to Blame — or Congress? Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011 | 5:53 AM ET
    Deven Sharma, president of Standard & Poor's, testifies before a subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee in Washington, D.C., U.S., in July 2011.

    The fact that Deven Shama, the president of Standard & Poor’s, has stood down from his job just a couple of days after the agency downgraded the United States' credit rating has raised questions over whether he is being made into a scapegoat to deflect political pressure on the credit ratings agency.

  • Stock Trader

    Markets are caught up in the push pull of worry about Europe's debt crisis and sluggish U.S. growth.

  • "For the Swiss franc to look like an attractive funding currency again when it is in competition with so many other currencies at the moment we would need to see....direct intervention on the part of the Swiss National Bank," Adam Cole, head of currency strategy, RBC. He added that he did not expect much in the way of dovish comments from Fed chairman Ben Bernanke when he speaks on Friday.

  • The Fed's Next Move     Monday, 22 Aug 2011 | 3:15 PM ET

    Did QE2 really work and will Bernanke hint at more easing this week? Insight with Ron Insana, CNBC Contributor, and Tom Porcelli, RBC Capital Markets.

  • Markets Lose Steam & Financials Retreat     Monday, 22 Aug 2011 | 3:10 PM ET

    A look at some of the drivers in today's markets, with Chris Ahrens, UBS, and CNBC's Seema Mody & Mary Thompson.

  • Midday Bond Report     Monday, 22 Aug 2011 | 1:06 PM ET

    John Brady, MF Global provides insight on today's bond yields, and whether Bernanke will issue another round of quantitative easing.

  • Prepare to Be Surprised by QE3 Monday, 22 Aug 2011 | 9:49 AM ET
    Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

    I think there's a lot of misunderstanding in the markets about how Fed chairman Ben Bernanke views Fed strategy.

  • Bernanke Announcement Will Offer No Panacea     Monday, 22 Aug 2011 | 4:00 AM ET

    "It's difficult to see what Bernanke could say on Friday that hasn't already been said or done before. They could tinker around with reactivating a bond programme, but as we saw with QE2, which wasn't exactly a resounding success, it is not really so much a liquidity problem with the markets; it's a debt problem, and therefore, a confidence problem," Stephen Davies, chief executive at Javelin Wealth Management, told CNBC.

  • Stock Market Begins to Feed Economic Fear Sunday, 21 Aug 2011 | 10:54 AM ET

    Stocks have fallen four weeks in a row. Some on Wall Street worry that the resulting blow to confidence, not to mention 401(k) statements, has set off a spiral of fear that could push prices even lower, cause people and businesses to pull back and tip the economy into a new recession.

  • Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke

    Investors will be watching the Fed as it meets at its annual Jackson Hole gathering this week for signs of new stimulus plans as the economic outlook gets worse.

  • CNBC.com Market Outlook     Friday, 19 Aug 2011 | 5:00 PM ET

    The week's top business news and investment advice, including how to trade Europe, US financials, HP's sharp drop and the run-up in gold.

  • Markets End Wild Week     Friday, 19 Aug 2011 | 4:03 PM ET

    Breaking down today's market action and how investors can protect their portfolios, with David Darst, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, and Ken Heinz, Hedge Fund Research.

  • The Flight to Safety     Friday, 19 Aug 2011 | 3:42 PM ET

    Discussing the low rates on Treasurys and where investors are likely to find better returns, with Ira Epstein, The Linn Group managing director.

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