• Four Turtles Outpace '300' Soldiers at Box Office Sunday, 25 Mar 2007 | 7:46 PM ET

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  • Oh We Don't Mean That Brando ... Thursday, 22 Mar 2007 | 10:19 PM ET
    Marlon Brando in "The Godfather"

    Marlon Brando’s heirs are suing a furniture company for naming a line of home theater chairs the “Brando,” without a licensing agreement, reports the Los Angeles Times. Palliser Furniture is accused of making millions selling the Brando chairs, along with others named Eastwood, Bronson, and Cagney.

  • ShoWest: Big Movie Biz Event Tuesday, 20 Mar 2007 | 10:31 AM ET
    Pirates of Caribbean 3

    Every year the movie theater companies and movie studios come together to go over the upcoming slate of films and figure out how to get more people buying movie tickets, their mutual goal. With global box office up 11% in 2006, the mood was positive. And the big sequels coming out this spring and summer -- Shrek, Pirates, Spiderman, Harry Potter -- are sparking confidence that 2007 will be the biggest box office yet, more than $10 billion -- yes BILLION -- domestic. But there are still plenty of issues plaguing the industry.

  • Ancient Epic '300' Wins Another Box Office Battle Sunday, 18 Mar 2007 | 2:23 PM ET

    The brave Spartan soldiers of "300" enjoyed a one-sided victory at the North American box office for a second weekend, making light work of critically lambasted new challenges from Sandra Bullock and Chris Rock.

  • Blockbuster may Buy Movielink: WSJ Thursday, 1 Mar 2007 | 4:05 AM ET

    Movie-rental company Blockbuster is in advanced talks to acquire Movielink, an online movie-downloading company owned by the major Hollywood studios, the Wall Street Journal said on Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter.

  • When his environmental-apocalypse film An Inconvenient Truth won the Academy Award for Best Documentary feature last night, Al Gore jested, "My fellow Americans, I’m going to take this opportunity here and now to formally announce my intentions..." Immediately, a debate came to a boil: Is the former vice president -- and 2000 presidential candidate -- considering another White House run?

  • The Oscars: Time Warner had a Great Night Sunday, 25 Feb 2007 | 11:19 PM ET

    Warner Bros. "The Departed" took home the gold. It was the only real big Hollywood picture among the nominations, this win says that the Academy fell for traditional Hollywood fare this year, and that the film studio of the largest media conglomerate, Time Warner, had a really great night.

  • Pre-Oscar Drama Sunday, 25 Feb 2007 | 7:00 PM ET

    The limos are out, the nail salons are packed, and the paparazzi have been staking their claim on the red carpet space since before dawn. After some clouds this morning, all the starlets who got their hair blown out and the red carpet watchers must be relieved that we're now getting some sunshine. The week before the Oscars in Los Angeles is like rush week at a very well-funded fraternity. Jam-packed with fun, boozy parties and beautiful people. Then today the less pleasant "rush" selection process happens, and some favorites get "hosed." Oh, and the sitting around all day isn't as glamorous as it looks either.

  • You Can't Take Oscar To The Bank Friday, 23 Feb 2007 | 3:34 PM ET

    For many stars, critical acclaim and commerical success don't go hand in hand and winning an Oscar may not mean big bucks or big hits.

  • Dressing For Oscar Friday, 23 Feb 2007 | 3:17 PM ET

    The Oscars cap another glitzy awards season.  It’s a big night for fashion designers, especially if their gown adorns a winner.

  • Hollywood Hopefuls Friday, 23 Feb 2007 | 10:41 AM ET

    As Hollywood celebrates the Oscars, it's already counting on a big year in 2007 with a number of potential blockbusters to rally the box office.  And that’s making movie theatre companies popular with investors.

  • Show Me The Money, Oscar Wednesday, 21 Feb 2007 | 5:26 PM ET

    This year’s Best Picture nominees grossed a mere $243 million in domestic box office sales, less than a fifth of the $1.32 billion raked in by the top five movies in 2006.

  • A Bestseller's Secret Wednesday, 21 Feb 2007 | 8:18 AM ET

    Take a look at USA Today's bestseller list, right on top is a book that I'd never heard of, called 'The Secret,' by Rhonda Byrne, published by Atria/Beyond Words. The tag line USA Today gives isn't anything out of the ordinary: "Promises to be "life-transforming to all who experience it." I'm sure Da Vinci Code fans said the same thing.

  • Cashing In On The Oscars Tuesday, 20 Feb 2007 | 10:34 AM ET

    The biggest winner of the Oscars has already started to collect. It's not a celebrity or producer, it's ABC. The network recently wrapped up its ad sales for the telecast on the 25th, grabbing more than $1.6 million per thirty-second spot, for over $80 million dollars in revenue. That's double the revenue in 1998, and up from $72 million total last year.

  • Disney Loses "Winnie" Rights Ruling Friday, 16 Feb 2007 | 5:24 PM ET
    LeBron James

    Billions of dollars may lie in Winnie the Pooh's 100-Acre Wood -- and Disney was denied the honey today. CNBC's Media Money blogger Julia Boorstin reported that a federal judge granted a summary judgment against Walt Disney's attempts to rake back rights to the lucrative book, film and merchandise brand.

  • Farrell's Sports Classic, Yankees Ring, & Ad Advice Friday, 9 Feb 2007 | 9:55 AM ET
    John De Lorean

    Will Farrell’s "Talledega Nights" was a product placement wonder, with his main car sponsor Wonder Bread garnering as much as $60 million in brand exposure. And it looks like there are many brands that are lining up to get a piece of the action on Farrell’s upcoming sports flick, "Blades of Glory," a spoof on competitive ice skating that hits theatres on March 30.

  • Green Glam Housing: Celebs Back Eco-Condos Thursday, 8 Feb 2007 | 8:32 PM ET

    Green isn't just cool for Hollywood, it's glamorous for high-end real estate. And one green-friendly real-estate development company is cozying up to celebrities, to launch its new environmentally-friendly apartment building -- right at the western entrance to Beverly Hills. I spoke with David Margulies, the CEO of New Pacific Realty, about being green in Beverly Hills, and the power of a celebrity endorsement.

  • Silicon Valley Chasing Hollywood Box Office Dream Thursday, 8 Feb 2007 | 11:17 AM ET

    Netflix is the latest player to provide movies via the web for users to watch on PCs or media center devices connected to their TVs, but it’s a crowded and confusing field.

  • Amazon, TiVo to Test Movie Downloads Direct to TVs Wednesday, 7 Feb 2007 | 3:16 PM ET

    Amazon.com and TiVo will begin testing Wednesday a service that lets users watch videos rented or bought over the Internet directly on televisions, as part of a trend to link personal computers and TVs.

  • Jeff Zucker Named President and CEO of NBC Universal Tuesday, 6 Feb 2007 | 4:35 PM ET
    Jeff Zucker

    NBC TV boss Jeff Zucker was named President and CEO of NBC Universal, replacing long-time CEO Bob Wright, who continues as vice chairman of  parent company, General Electric Co.



  • ANCHORAGE, Alaska— A television reporter quit her job on live TV with a big four-letter flourish after revealing she owns a medical marijuana business and intends to press for legalization of recreational pot in Alaska. After reporting on the Alaska Cannabis Club on Sunday night's broadcast, KTVA's Charlo Greene identified herself as the business's owner.

  • Sept 22- Sony Corp said PlayStation TV set-top box, which allows users to access movies and TV episodes from the PlayStation store, will hit stores in the United States and Canada on Oct. 14. Sony is trying to expand its entertainment network services to compete against players like Amazon.com Inc..

  • CNBC's Julia Boorstin MGM has acquired a 55 percent stake in two Mark Burnett firms.