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Where Big Ideas Are Born

Here's how to come up with your next great idea: Meditate cross-legged, Sip Mai Tais at a beach picnic, cuddle with your dogs, walk on a lush trail or visualize an opera house.

At least, those are the scenes where dozens of business leaders get their best thinking done, as they revealed in "Where I Work," a new LinkedIn photo series featuring work spaces of thought leaders.

Not that you need exotic surroundings to coax out creativity. Lots of LinkedIn Influencers find inspiration at traditional desks. Still others rely on whatever temporary space they find themselves in: hotel rooms, economy-class seats, hair salons or kitchen tables.

The concept of mindfulness unites this wide variety of settings. No matter the environment, successful people tailor their surroundings to the specific ways they work.

Take a look at the scenes where business professionals get their best thinking done.

By Francesca Levy, LinkedIn

Posted: 29 Jan. 2013

Tripod | Lifesize | Getty Images