'McMunchies,' the Murdoch Dump and a Lulu Week

Friday, 14 Jun 2013 | 1:04 PM ET
‘McMunchies,’ Rupert’s Dump and What a Lulu
Friday, 14 Jun 2013 | 1:02 PM ET
A quick look at the top stories from the past week, including the Lululemon CEO's exit, NSA's blown "secret," flames in Turkey, and high-speed traders getting an unfair advantage. And who could forget Jamie Dimon's colorful language, or Rupert filing for divorce.

Nothing for nothing but holy cow what a week!

Talk about a downward dog- Lululemon's showing a new crack in the company, McDonald' newest menu plan may go over really well in Colorado for those with the midnight munchies, those high-speed traders are making obscene dough in a blink of an eye and it will cost Rupert a whole lotta moolah to get back on the market…

Just some of the stories in the news this week..

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