The $100 jackpot: Why some bills fetch high prices

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When the newly designed $100 bills are issued to the public in a few weeks, consumers will see a different sort of "money multiplier" effect.

Depending on their serial numbers, some will likely fetch $1,000 or more on secondary markets due to what collectors call "fancy" serial numbers, Newser.com reports.

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Although each bill has an eight-digit serial number, only a small percentage have "fancy" numbers. These include ones that are "low" (00000001 through 00000100), "ladders" (43210987), "radar' (43788734), "solids" (33333333), and "repeaters" (82118211). Then there are random ones: 31415927 (pi) or 07041776 (read that as 07/04/1776).

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To read more about these lucrative bills, check out Newser's article on the topic.

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