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Porn is an industry where retirement can come without warning.

Big-name performers sometimes choose to quit at the height of their fame, while others find the demand for their services has dwindled, as fickle fans move on to the next sensation. Many careers last less than three months, and those who stay in for more than five or six years are considered veterans.

The adult industry doesn't offer 401(k)s or pension plans. When their careers end, performers really aren't able to carry their most notable skill to another job. So it's up to them to prepare for the next phase of their life.

Some blow the money on expensive handbags and shoes. Some waste it on drugs. And some spend wildly beyond their means. Some, however, are a bit more prepared.

As they walked the Red Carpet at this year's AVN Awards (adult entertainment's equivalent of the Oscars), we asked some of the adult industry's biggest stars about their financial planning—and what they're doing (if anything) to get ready for life after porn.

—By Chris Morris, Special to CNBC.com.
Posted 22 Jan. 2014

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