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  • Geopolitics concerning clients: UBS CEO  Tuesday, 28 Oct 2014 | 2:40 AM ET

    Sergio Ermotti, CEO of UBS, says geopolitical issues need to be resolved before clients come back to the market with a "constructive attitude".

  • Buy the dollar against euro, yen: Pro  Tuesday, 28 Oct 2014 | 2:40 AM ET

    Steven Saywell, global head of FX strategy at BNP Paribas, says investors should buy the dollar against low yielding currencies like the euro and yen as the U.S. Federal Reserve approaches a rate hike.

  • We take a 'proactive' stance on litigation: UBS CEO  Tuesday, 28 Oct 2014 | 2:40 AM ET

    Sergio Ermotti, CEO of UBS, says he is confident the bank has started to address the litigation issues but the timescale for resolution is out of his hands.

  • Alan Schwartz, ex-Bear Stearns CEO and executive chairman at Guggenheim Partners, says moves to boost the U.S. housing market could fuel the next credit bubble.

  • Stress tests 'credible and tough': UBS CEO  Tuesday, 28 Oct 2014 | 2:00 AM ET

    Sergio Ermotti, CEO of UBS, says the ECB's stress tests were "credible and tough", adding that the banking sector still faces "a lot of headwinds".

  • Eurobank has 'no capital requirements': CEO  Monday, 27 Oct 2014 | 4:30 AM ET

    Christos Megalou, CEO of Eurobank, says the lender has already taken the steps to cover the capital shortfall highlighted in the ECB's stress tests.

  • China a 'factory for IPOs', investors want in: CEO  Monday, 27 Oct 2014 | 4:20 AM ET

    Seth Merrin, CEO of Liquidnet, discusses why the Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect is attractive to investors.

  • Europe's stock markets opened higher across the board amid relief over the results of a key health check on the region's banks.

  • Panfilo Tarantelli, chairman and CEO of Tages Holding, says that the ECB's stress tests were deemed credible by the market and the amount of capital needed to recapitalize the failed banks is "very small", creating a "great outcome" for the central bank.

  • Bafin President on banking stress tests  Monday, 27 Oct 2014 | 3:35 AM ET

    Elke Koenig, President of Bafin, says that consolidation in the banking sector could follow the stress tests.

  • National Bank of Ukraine 'optimistic' on growth  Monday, 27 Oct 2014 | 3:30 AM ET

    Oleksandr Pysaruk, first deputy governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, says that economic growth in 2015 will be better than originally thought as tensions in the east of the country settle down.

  • Brazil is 'divided' following election: Pro  Monday, 27 Oct 2014 | 3:20 AM ET

    Bhanu Baweja, global head of emerging market research at UBS, says Dilma Rousseff has a "tough" 4 years ahead of her after she was re-elected as president.

  • Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, former European Central Bank executive board member and current chairman of Snam, says the stress tests were "tough enough" and it is not in the ECB's interest to be soft on banks in its new supervisory role.

  • Pan-UK flights 'much-needed': Flybe CEO  Monday, 27 Oct 2014 | 2:45 AM ET

    Saad Hammad, CEO of Flybe, the airline that has launched pan-U.K. flights, tells CNBC that the service is "much-needed" to get business people to the country's capital efficiently.

  • Carlo Alberto Carnevale-Maffe, professor of strategic management at SDA Bocconi University, says Italian banks were held to a higher standard than other banks in the ECB's stress tests.

  • European banks 'not a sick sector': Pro  Monday, 27 Oct 2014 | 2:15 AM ET

    Sam Theodore, head of financial institutions at Scope Ratings, says that the stress tests on European banks were "credible" and showed the sector is not sick.

  • Stress tests the 'beginning' of work: Bundesbank  Monday, 27 Oct 2014 | 2:10 AM ET

    Andreas Dombret, member of the Deutsche Bundesbank's executive board, says German banks need to improve earnings and the work following the stress tests is just beginning.

  • Federico Ghizzoni, CEO of UniCredit, says that the bank is looking forward with "confidence" after the stress tests on the sector.

  • Bank stress tests: A country by country view  Monday, 27 Oct 2014 | 2:00 AM ET

    CNBC's Stephane Pedrazzi looks at which country had the most banks that failed the stress tests.

  • Harris Georgiades, Finance Minister of Cyprus, says the country's economy is "making the turn" and the banking sector is "stabilizing" following the ECB's stress tests.

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