Coca-Cola to Put Caffeine Labels on All U.S. Products

The Coca-Cola Company, the world's largest beverage maker, said Wednesday it will put caffeine content information on the labels of all of its drink products distributed in the United States that include the ingredient.

The Atlanta-based company said the plan was voluntary and part of an industry initiative.

Coca-Cola said it already has included caffeine labeling on its Full Throttle and Enviga products. It said it will roll out the new labels on its other brands, starting with cans of Coca-Cola Classic in May, and expanding to other brands and packages during the remainder of the year.

The time at which the revised labels reach store shelves will vary by brand and by region as U.S. bottlers use up existing inventories of packaging, Coca-Cola's North America division said in a statement.

A spokeswoman said the expanded caffeine labels will not be placed on Coca-Cola products distributed outside the United States.

The company said that in 2005 it introduced labeling that provides consumers with nutrition information for a standard eight-ounce serving as well as for the total of a single-serve package.



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