Contest Webcast, Stock Picks and Leaderboard

Here's our weekly web cast in case you missed it. Every Monday at 12 pm EST, CNBC's Dylan Ratigan hosts a web program on the contest. He had Art Hogan, managing director from Jefferies on to talk about Art's stock picks for the contest. Art's adding some, keeping others, but removing one. Again--his picks are for the contest and NOT for personal investing. Also, here are the leaderboard standings from Thursday's action.

FYI-Art likes CRL, FL, and says he's keeping HOLX, HTI and NRG but dropping LVS for contest picks.

Name Portfolio Value
1. Parker Robinson $2,790,103.27
2. Deborah Taft 2,588,876.30
3. Ken Guillory 2,496,077.04
4. Chad Mazeika 2,433,347.81
5. Evan Scherer 2,300,624.35
6. Emmanuel Nogueira 2,269,175.73
7. James Kraber 2,257,242.52
8. George Lee 2,252,185.92
9. Joe Dondero 2,251,956.57
10. Barry Dressler 2,201,790.02
11. Chris Humphrey 2,158,211.77
12. Rob Bender 2,144,584.95
13. Maheshwari Gupta 2,104,565.91
14. Mark Dallas 2,103,758.36
15. Stacey Platte 2,097,165.63
16. Bob Stolzenburg 2,090,453.50
17. James Meisner 2,083,660.01
18. Philip McKibbin 2,070,054.44
19. Doua Vang 2,069,450.59
20. William Garrett 2,067,786.42

How to Win the Million $ Challenge
How to Win the Million $ Challenge   

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