Poll: Should Bernanke be Reappointed?

Amid growing opposition in the Senate to Bernanke winning a second term, CNBC has learned that the Democratic leadership is still gauging support for the beleaguered central bank chief.

Members of both parties have said they expect Bernanke to be confirmed. But a growing number of senators are coming out against him.

Bernanke and the Fed have been under unusually intense criticism for failing to anticipate and prevent the financial meltdown of 2008 and for helping engineer the ensuing massive government bailout.

Sixty votes are needed in the 100-member chamber to remove procedural roadblocks and clear the way for a confirmation vote. A simple majority would be needed on confirmation.

At least four senators have "holds" on Bernanke's confirmation, meaning they are prepared to filibuster, or speak indefinitely on the Senate floor, to prevent a vote on the confirmation.

What do you think? Take our poll: Should Ben Bernanke be reappointed?

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