Gartman: Gold Sell-off Is Over, It's Time to Buy!

Last week he said rush for the exits, but now Dennis Gartman is convinced gold is going higher. What gives?

“I’m not a gold bug, but gold is going higher again,” he says on Monday’s Fast Money.

It's a technical call.

It seems Gartman's call last week to 'rush for the exits' was purely a belief that the precious metal was overbought, temporarily.

And he was right. Last week, gold slid 4.2%, the most since December. However, after 4 consecutive days of losses "gold has bottomed," he tells the desk.

Gartman suggests it's okay to buy - "I think we see a continued move out of euro and other currencies and into gold," he adds.

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Tomorrow's Headlines Tonight   

For more of Gartman’s thoughts on the precious metal, watch the video here.

*You can find our conversation with Dennis Gartman about 6 minutes into this clip!

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