How Does Technology Change the Investment Landscape?

Thursday, 5 Aug 2010 | 4:07 PM ET

Duncan Niederauer, NYSE Euronext CEO, sat down with Maria Bartiromo at the "Techonomy Conference" in Lake Tahoe to talk about technological advancements and what they mean for the future of trading.

“It's incumbent to figure out how to harness the technology and help investors get confident that the markets work the way they are supposed to…At some point you have to temper the technology and say it's great and embrace it. Make sure that we can take it off auto pilot.”

Technology Reinventing Markets
Is technology at the heart of the solution to prevent another incident like the "flash crash" from happening again? Duncan Niederauer, CEO of NYSE Euronext, shares his insight.

Niederauer adds, “I feel like technology is important in enabling industries with the financial upset and people are looking at technology.”

Niederauer’s Definition of “Techonomy”

“The conference is focused on reinvention and every business is reinventing itself. for us technology and innovation is the enabler of that invention we are going through…In the last two or three years, the company has been more of a global and technology services business and that's where we are investing. the changes on the trading floor are to make sure we are operating an effective business model,” says Niederauer.

Look for extensive coverage from Techonomy online and on-air this week on CNBC.

Look for extensive coverage from Techonomy online and on-air this week on CNBC.

Crystal Lau contributed to this article.



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