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The Spawn of iPad 2

iPad 2 Suit
Source: Mohan's Custom Tailors
iPad 2 Suit

Leave your man-purse behind, the iPad 2 suit is about to hit the market.

From the retailer that brought you the world’s first iPad suit comes the iPad 2 suit. Mohan’s Custom Tailors (www.mohantailors.com) is “taking the boring and basic” out of retail by designing a suit meant to offer function as well as form.

The secret is in the pocket. For $599 you can have a suit designed to carry your iPad 2 as well as pockets for any other gadget you can imagine. According to a company spokesperson, more than 30 people have already ordered the latest version of its suit.

To the 500 men that bought the first suit and are now upgrading to the iPad 2—I imagine there’s a quick fix for that. Not as easy for the millions of people that bought Apple’s original iPad…in tech-ease they are SOL.

iPad 2 Suit
Source: Mohan's Custom Tailors
iPad 2 Suit


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