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Amazing Things Made of Chocolate

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Incredible Chocolate Creations

It should come as no surprise that people love chocolate — according to the National Confections Association, it's America's favorite flavor.

Chocoholics can even celebrate their beloved candy on International Chocolate Day every Sept. 13.

But forget about just eating chocolate. Did you ever wonder what life would be like if you lived in Willy Wonka’s world? Think chocolate rooms, clothing and even a car.

We did, so we scoured the globe to find some of the most amazing things made of chocolate. What we found were some chocolate makers who let their imaginations run wild, creating some truly unique edible objects that may surprise you. And you don’t have to be a chocoholic to appreciate these finer things in life.

At left: The German bakery group Lambertz created this full chocolate dress in 2010 for its annual Monday Night Party in Cologne. The creation was one of more than a hundred fashion pieces celebrating chocolate.

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By Michelle Fox
Updated 12 September 2012

Photo: Getty Images