CNBC Poll: What's the Best Place to Invest?

Surprising and volatile. That's one way to describe the financial markets in 2011.

Your Money Resolutions - A CNBC Special Report
Your Money Resolutions - A CNBC Special Report

After a series of up-and-down moves, the major stock indices ended the year pretty much where they started. Precious metals offered a wild ride as well, but only gold delivered a sizable gain.

Somehow, Treasurys managed to rally again, but with prices so high at the end of the year, it's hard to imagine any more gains.

With a year like 2011, investors may be prone to scratch their heads about 2012.

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Mutual Funds

  • NEW YORK— The threat of rising interest rates is raising real fears about real-estate mutual funds. Investors have pulled money out of real-estate funds for two straight months, even though they remain among the year's best performers and pay bigger dividends than many stock funds. "One of the things you have to ask is why are rates rising," says John Wenker,...

  • *Visa, MasterCard both rally after results. NEW YORK, Oct 30- U.S. stocks rallied on Thursday, boosted by a strong reading on quarterly economic growth and on the back of upbeat earnings reports including Visa, which accounted for nearly 150 points in the Dow industrials. "End of year for mutual funds is most likely going to be selling losers and continue to buy winners,"...

  • Federal Reserve Board Chair, Janet Yellen.

    With the Fed in no rush to hike rates, investors of financial stocks may want to consider fund managers instead.