Rep. Paul Ryan Strikes Back at Obama Remarks

Rep. Ryan Paul from Wisconsin
Rep. Ryan Paul from Wisconsin

Following a stinging criticism of his federal budget proposal by President Obama, Republican Congressman Paul Ryan lashed back on Tuesday.

“Disguised as deficit-reduction plans, it is really an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country. It is thinly veiled social Darwinism,” Obama said earlier in the day, calling the Ryan budget “a Trojan horse” that would increase inequality.

“You would think that after the results of this experiment in trickle-down economics, after the results were made painfully clear, that the proponents of this theory might show some humility, might moderate their views a bit,” Obama said. “Instead of moderating their views – even slightly – the Republicans running Congress right now have doubled down and have proposed a budget so far to the right, it makes the Contract With America look like the New Deal.”

On “The Kudlow Report,” Ryan defended against the president’s claims.

“Virtually none of the claims he makes about our budget are actually true,” the Wisconsin Republican said. “He’s distorting the truth, he’s dividing the country, and he’s becoming more bitter and partisan by the day. Frankly, it’s kind of sad to see.”

Ryan took Obama to task for what he characterized as wavering on the Simpson-Bowles plan.

“Our tax reform plan goes in the same exact direction that Simpson-Bowles goes, which is: Broaden the base, lower the rates. Get rid of loopholes and tax shelters so we can lower everybody’s tax rates,” Ryan said.

The congressman also criticized what he saw as a lack of action in the face of an economic cliff that the United States is facing.

“We need somebody in the White House who’ll actually see this problem for what it is and get this debt under our control before it gets out of our control,” he said. “And that’s why I’m just saying we need a new president.”

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