Eric Cantor Pushes Bob McDonnell for VP Spot

Eric Cantor
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Eric Cantor

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor weighed in on his pick for a Republican vice presidential nominee — a fellow Virginian, Gov. Bob McDonnell.

“He is somebody who has steered our state through tough times. I think if you look at our unemployment rate, our growth rate, we fare a lot better than most,” he said Thursday on CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report.” “He’s a great guy. I think he’d be a great vice president.”

Cantor said he hasn’t yet pushed his choice with presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney but said he would.

“Mitt and his team know that it is their vision, that it is Mitt Romney’s leadership that’s going to win the day,” he said. “I’m sure they’ll make the right decision to say, look, we’ve got a team in place that is going to be pro-American, pro-growth, pro-success.”

Cantor also took swipes at President Obama for his recent public appearances — which included a visit to the set of “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” — as stumping to keep his job.

“I would think that anybody looking at these campaign stops would know that this is about politics. It’s not about policy. It’s not about the commander-in-chief going out to meet Americans. It’s about a presidential candidate out campaigning,” he said. “I think the American people want to see us get something done. They don’t want to see us engaging in politics every day.”

Cantor agreed with host Larry Kudlow’s characterization of them as “lavish vacations” and blasted them as being insensitive to the plight of Americans.

“It’s sort of like having a tin ear. We’ve got to be cognizant of the fact that there are tough times out there,” he said. “Lavish vacations is not what I think middle America wants to see in terms of an elected official.”

Cantor also voiced support for Romney’s candidacy.

“He’s a demonstrated leader in terms of jobs creation. He’s the only candidate that has put forward a bold, pro-growth program to get this economy back on track,” he said. “He stands for free markets, for pro-growth economics and forgetting the engine of small business and innovation going again in America. That’s who we are as a society.”

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