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  • Luxury yoga-wear manufacturer Lululemon, soaring on a blowout quarter, garnered a “neutral” rating from one analyst and an “outperform” from another on CNBC Thursday. Why?

  • Authorities are investigating a number of cyber attacks against companies seen as opponents of controversial website WikiLeaks. Despite the fiasco, which companies are most likely benefit from the attacks? Mark Mahaney, Internet research managing director at Citigroup shared his best plays.

  • Google Android

    It came in a simple 9-word tweet from Google’s Android chief, Andy Rubin: “There are now 300,000 Android phones activated each day.”

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  • Star Walk App

    The New York Times has ten iPad apps that work wonders by making life easier and more fun.

  • Beijing, China

    E-Commerce China Dangdang, the Amazon of China, priced on Tuesday night at 17 million shares at $16, well above the price talk of $13-$15, shares are up over 60 percent in its debut.

  • Apple iPhone 4

    Great news for Apple: When the exclusive U.S. deal with AT&T ends, and the iPhone goes to Verizon, it looks like Apple will still be able to charge both AT&T and Verizon top-dollar for the phone.

  • online_shopping_1.jpg

    Consumers are continuing to point, click and buy. The latest read on online holiday shopping from Comscore shows a 12 percent increase in spending in the first 35 days of the November through December shopping season compared with the same period a year ago.

  • Julian Assange

    WikiLeaks supporters struck back Wednesday at perceived enemies of founder Julian Assange, attacking the websites of Swedish prosecutors, the Swedish lawyer whose clients have accused Assange of sexual crimes, credit card companies and the Swiss authority that froze Assange's bank account.

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  • IAC Headquarters

    IAC/InterActiveCorp, a leading internet company reaching more that 247 million people in over 30 countries—with websites, such as:, Urbanspoon, Citysearch—has reduced its capitalization by almost 50 percent since its last round of spin-off's in 2008.

  • Magazines

    Magazine consolidation is on the horizon, that's what Meredith Corp CEO Steve Lacy said in our exclusive interview at the UBS Media & Communications conference.

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  • They're a rare bunch, for sure. But knowing the best among them can make you money.

  • The economy has stabilized, which is why Viacom has grown "almost month by month” over the last four quarters, its president and CEO, Philippe Dauman, told CNBC Monday.

  • Vitaly Borker

    A Brooklyn cyber-merchant who recently drew attention by boasting that he used unusually bad customer service to boost his business was due in federal court in Manhattan Monday, following his arrest for allegedly threatening customers and other violations.

  • Google

    Google is making the leap from digital librarian to merchant in a challenge to Inc. and its Kindle electronic reader.

  • We are in an era of tremendous change as people are rediscovering those things that are most important to them, and often being forced to do so as the reality of layoffs and lack of job security set in.


    Even if Google doesn't buy Groupon, the talk of a potential multi-billion dollar deal has created buzz for both the group buying site and its rivals. While Groupon and rival LivingSocial are by far the most popular in the emerging space, they aren't alone, and some suspect other sites such as SocialBuy, Tippr, and BuyWithMe could also be ripe for a takeover.

  • Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman

    China, Wikileaks, Bernanke, Bush and more. Here's what you need to know to make the smart moves this week.