Janice Dorn

Janice Dorn
Gold Trader, Financial Psychiatrist, Trader, Author

Janice Dorn, M.D, Ph.D. holds an M.D. in Psychiatry and a Ph.D. in Brain Anatomy.

She is believed to be the only M.D. Psychiatrist and Ph.D. Brain Anatomist in the world who actively trades, writes commentary about the financial markets, coaches traders and runs a subscription-based trading and trading psychology website.

Dr. Dorn has been a full-time commodities futures trader since 1993, focusing on the gold markets. She previously served in the capacity of Global Risk Strategist for Ingenieux Wealth Management, Sydney, Australia, where she was responsible for behavioral risk profiling and portfolio risk management solutions relating to investing and trading decision making.

Dr. Dorn is the author of over 2,000 publications, relating to Trading Psychiatry, Financial Supercycles, Behavioral Neurofinance, and Trader Wellness and Longevity. Dr. Dorn has provided coaching/mentoring to more than 600 traders around the world. Her first book, entitled "Personal Responsibility: The Power of You," was published in January 2008.

She is now, or has been, a member of numerous professional societies including The Market Technicians Association, The World Future Society, The International Society for Psychoneuroendocrinology, and The American Society for Anti-Aging Medicine. She presently sits on the Advisory Board of The Center For Future Consciousness.


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