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  • Start-up words to live by from entrepreneurs

    Start-ups at the eMerge Americas conference in Miami share critical advice they wish someone would have told the before launching their companies.

  • SBA chief kicks off eMerge Americas conference

    Maria Contreras-Sweet, the administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, addresses the crowd at the eMerge Americas in Miami, Fla., on Monday.

  • eMerge: Seeing the future with Martine Rothblatt

    Martine Rothblatt, founder, Sirius Satellite Radio; founder, chairman & CEO, United Therapeutics; & author of 'Virtually Human: The Promise -- and the Peril -- of Digital Immortality," discusses how she developed Sirius, transplanting organs, and the limitations of current thinking about gender.

  • 3 challenges for small businesses: Contreras-Sweet

    Maria Contreras-Sweet, U.S. Small Business Administration, discusses the growing industry of small businesses and what the U.S. Small Business Administration is doing to improve things.

  • SBA boss: The state of small businesses

    Maria Contreras-Sweet, the head of the U.S. Small Business Administration, shares her thoughts on the state of small business.

  • Best cities for start-ups

    These heartland cities are the best for entrepreneurs.

  • The rise of micro-nationals

    More Main Street businesses are exporting goods as e-commerce platforms evolve and grow.

  • Andrew's downward facing dog pose

    Adriene Mishler, yoga instructor, shows "Squawk Box's" Andrew Ross Sorkin how to relax using yoga techniques.

  • YouTube yoga for a frenzied world

    Adriene Mishler, yoga instructor, discusses how she is helping people find ways to improve their overall health by offering yoga sessions on YouTube.

  • Hey there, Skinnygirl, what's next?

    Bethenny Frankel, Skinnygirl founder & CEO, discusses the wide range of consumer products her growing empire is churning out.

  • Small caps to outperform S&P 500: CIO

    Dan Veru, chief investment officer at Palisade Capital Management, says small caps will continue to outperform the S&P 500 throughout the year.

  • Meet Etsy entrepreneurs making six figures

    Meet savvy entrepreneurs who have found success on the online marketplace for handmade goods.

  • Is it time to invest in small caps?

    Tom Stevenson, investment director of Fidelity Worldwide, makes the case for investing in small caps given current market conditions.

  • Wake-up call for small business owners

    According to the FPA/CNBC Business Owner Succession Planning Survey, very few small businesses have succession plans, reports CNBC's Kate Rogers.

  • Ferguson, Missouri works to rebuild

    How Ferguson, Missouri is working to rebuild small businesses.

  • Tearing down Ferguson to build it back up

    How Ferguson, Missouri is working to rebuild small businesses, with CNBC's Kate Rogers.

  • Living inside Quirky's world: CEO

    Ben Kaufman, Quirky founder & CEO, explains how he takes the best ideas and turns them into consumer products. Kaufman discusses their partnership with Harman and General Electric.

  • The perfect 'Kind' of business: CEO

    Daniel Lubetzky, Kind Healthy Snacks CEO, explains how a blend of kindness and failure paved the way for his company's success.

  • How to spot America's most loved beer? Look for Betsy the cow

    Paul Halayko, Newburgh Brewing Company, discusses the inspiration behind his cream ale beer, and the craft brewing craze.

  • Small biz gets pinched on strong dollar

    The impact the strong U.S. dollar is having on small businesses, with CNBC's Kate Rogers.