Margaret Popper


  • Businessman failure

    Bankers say their risk cultures and internal controls have changed significantly since the crisis.  We decided to ask the experts if this was true.

  • Weighing Risk: Not Sexy, But It Matters Tuesday, 9 Oct 2012 | 10:35 AM ET

    Risk management is a term that conjures up images of dismal back offices where accountants slave away in the blue cast of computer screens. But since the financial crisis, it’s a term that has become headline news. CNBC sat down with Citi's Brian Leach about why risk management matters.

  • Bank Metallic Sign

    Big U.S. banks worked hard to cut costs and maintain profits during the second quarter, and several managed to beat expectations. But there is no avoiding the elephant in the room: The current low rate environment and macroeconomic concerns are hurting banks’ revenue prospects.