Weather Natural Disasters

  • Hurricanes: Net Add or Net Drag?

    Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital CEO, says hurricanes are "never a net add."

  • Here's One Unusual Hurricane Trade

    The National Hurricane Center has warned nearly half a dozen states including New York, Virginia, Connecticut and Pennsylvania to prepare for what many are calling a "Frankenstorm" — a frightening mix of rain, snow and wind that's part hurricane, part nor'easter.

  • Shipping Disruptions?

    The ports of New York/New Jersey and Delaware Bay are closed, with CNBC's Mary Thompson.

  • Will Oil Prices Go Up?

    John Kilduff, Again Capital, and Patrick Dehaan, GasBuddy.com, discuss whether gas prices will go up or down following the storm.

  • Sustained Winds Reach 85 MPH

    The very latest on Hurricane Sandy, with CNBC's Courtney Reagan.

  • $87 Billion at Risk From Sandy

    CNBC's Diana Olick assesses the potential damages of Hurricane Sandy. "This is going to be an expensive storm," she says.

  • Utilities Brace for Hurricane Sandy

    Greg Gordon, ISI Group, says utilities are better prepared for Hurricane Sandy than ever.

  • Insurers Brace for Hurricane Sandy

    FMHR traders cover the very latest on Hurricane Sandy as it churns towards the northeast. CNBC's Scott Cohn reports from Battery Park and Kayla Tausche from New Jersey. Meanwhile Cliff Gallant, insurance analyst at KBW, discusses the storm's impact on insurers.

  • Storm's Effect on the Capitol

    CNBC's Hampton Pearson reports the storm is bringing Washington, DC to a standstill, as schools and government agencies remain closed.

  • East Coast Grinds to a Halt as Superstorm Sandy Nears

    Hurricane Sandy began veering as predicted early Monday on a path that would take it over Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York putting it on a path that could endanger 50 million people.

  • Where Will Sandy Hit Next?

    The Weather Channel's Mike Bettes provides the latest details on Sandy's project path.

  • Sandy and the Retail Blame Game

    Here we go again, the hurricane retail trade ideas are swirling around just like the gusts of Sandy’s wind. But here's the reality check: storms do not help retailers with bad business models.

  • 'Frankenstorm' Threat Launches Mass Evacuations

    It seems likely that Sandy will impose greater destruction of property, and add to that the loss of about two days commercial activity, spread over a week across 25 percent of the economy, an initial estimate of the economic losses imposed by Sandy is about $35 to 45 billion.

  • September's Personal Income Up 0.4%

    Kevin Ferry, Cronus Futures Management, has the latest numbers on the economy and its impact on the markets, with CNBC's Steve Liesman. Also, an update on the storm as it heads for lower Manhattan, from CNBC's Scott Cohn.

  • Home Depot's Emergency Preparedness

    Doug Spiron, Home Depot emerging response captain, explains how the big box retailer has prepared stores for the storm and the cleanup.

  • Hurricane Sandy Shuts Down Stock Trading

    CNBC's Kayla Tausche reports on the storm's surge along New Jersey's coast; and The Weather Channel's Maria LaRosa tracks Sandy's high winds. Also, crunching the numbers on the potential damage and its impact on insurance, with Chuck Watson, Kinetic Analysis Corp, and Mike Santoli, Yahoo Finance senior columnist.

  • NYSE Closes For Storm

    Richard Grasso, former NYSE chairman & CEO, reveals how Wall Street is prepared for Hurricane Sandy.

  • Hurricane Grinds Travel to a Halt

    CNBC'S Phil LeBeau has the latest details on transportation delays, as airlines cancel flights, bridges and tunnels close, and Amtrak closes nearly all its passenger rail services on the East Coast.

  • This Storm is Not 'Normal'

    An update on the latest details of Hurricane Sandy, with CNBC's Brian Shactman, and Michael Hervey, Long Island Power Authority COO, explains why this storm is different from other hurricanes.

  • Sandy's Impact on Our Nation's Ports

    A look at how the hurricane will impact America's outgoing shipments of coal, corn and soybeans, with CNBC's Mary Thompson.