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  • The Dow lost a modest 42 points Monday, but Cramer is thrilled. Here's why.

  • Plus, Cramer highlights why Obama could be good for defense stocks and why Goldman Sachs had the right idea for balance sheet management.

  • "The Arch" is an iconic landmark in Cabo

    “It’s the worst I’ve seen," said a Cabo San Lucas restaurant owner, "It is definitely the worst."For a Mexican tourist hotspot like Cabo, that's bad news. One of the busiest tourist seasons for the area comes during the months of March and April, coinciding with the American spring break season. Spring break, the long-time college tradition of excess and irresponsibility, is a time that many tourist destinations depend on to bolster their profits, banking on the liberal spending habits of Americans on vacation.

  • In 2008, with falling prices, sluggish sales and currency fluctuations, the credit crunch and global financial crisis have devalued real estate in places that have traditionally been the most expensive residential markets in the world.On March 23,  released the Wealth Report 2009, a survey of high-end, prime real estate around the world. It reports some dramatic price fluctuations around the world in the 2008 calendar year, and even more dramatic swings from Q3 to Q4. The firm defines prime real

    Stable or rising prices are a good measure of future development and the demand for investment. See the world’s most expensive high-end real estate markets!

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    Here's our Fast Money Final Trade. Our gang gives you tomorrow's best trades, right now!

  • In this Web Extra, we get fast and furious for the big news on Wall Street that has the potential to really move the markets. You won't see these trades on TV.

  • From financials to pharma, there was strength across the board in this week's rally, but one name that did extraordinarily well under the radar was Intel. Where is it going from here?

  • Following are the day’s biggest winners and losers. Find out why shares of Apple and Merck popped while Molson Coors and Steel Dynamics dropped.

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    With the best week on Wall Street in months, and speculation that Obama may be open to lowering the corporate tax rate, could Obama be winning back Wall Street?

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    US Markets recorded their best week since November, riding four consecutive days of gains, making traders question whether we have found the bottom or if this is merely a bear bounce.

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