Legislation Regulations

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    The list of House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank includes six subcommittee chairs and Joint Economic Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney.

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    Without the support of the UK or many euro-zone members, the EU looks split on key issues at a time when the Treasury Secretary thinks they should be standing united.

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    If there is someone who understands the practical realities of our “too big to fail” system and the damage it can wreak, it is Harvey R. Miller, who, at 77 years old, has handled the largest bankruptcies in history, including the mother of all failures, Lehman Brothers.

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    It was a midday “throw-down,” or shouting match, between two lawyers at opposite ends of the carried-interest debate, as they gave their views on CNBC Monday.

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    "I think it's going to be more stable this week, but relative to most weeks this year, it will be a volatile week, and we'll probably get a move in both directions," said BlackRock Vice Chairman Bob Doll.

  • This is what the US, Europe and China need to do to keep Friday’s rally going.

  • The SEC released details of new rules on single stock circuit breakers and the Fast Money traders debate what impact it would have.

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    Dread of potential new financial regulations and late-week risk-trimming raised the anxiety among U.S. traders on Friday, said Wall Street traders and analysts.

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    The Senate on Thursday approved a far-reaching financial regulatory bill, 59 to 39. Democratic Congressional leaders and the Obama administration must now reconcile it with the House bill that was passed in December.

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    Should people be able to bet on your death? How about your financial failure? The New York Times explains.

  • As far as we’ve fallen, Cramer says, we haven’t dropped enough. He explains what it will take for him to get bullish.

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    Global stocks plunged for the third day in a row on growing fears that Europe's financial crisis will hurt economic growth and lead to a wider market correction.

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    The Senate Thursday voted in favor of ending debate on a sweeping packaging of financial reforms, clearing the way for a final vote on whether to approve the legislation as early as Friday.

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    Sources say there are the 60 votes necessary to end debate on a sweeping packaging of reforms, setting up a final vote on whether to approve the legislation in the days ahead.

  • The European Debt Crisis - See Complete Coverage

    I have been thinking that we needed a 10% correction for some time (I use the S&P 500 average.) There are few rebounds off a major bottom that don't correct by at least 10% within 14 months of the bottom. I believe we are in that correction now.

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    Financial regulatory reforms likely will pressure bank stocks down another 10 to 12 percent, but the damage will only be temporary until the industry adjusts, analyst Dick Bove said Thursday.

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    The man at the eye of the financial storm that has engulfed the euro has learnt to be patient after 20 years confined to a wheelchair. But Wolfgang Schaeuble, Germany’s finance minister, is also a man in a hurry, the Financial Times reported.

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    Speculators are not responsible for the current pressure on the euro, the currency is struggling because of political failures and diminished enthusiasm for the monetary union in Germany, Hans Redeker, global head of foreign exchange strategy, told CNBC Thursday.

  • Financial Police

    Federal regulators and U.S. securities exchanges have a new plan to keep an epic dive in the stock market from happening again.

  • Many of the top hedge funds have had to readjust their investment strategies to reduce risk amid volatile global markets.