Securing Our Future: Cambridge Cyber Summit


  • Bitcoin with QR code

    Bitcoin climbed above $2,000 for the first time Saturday on increased demand from Japanese and Chinese investors.

  • Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, speaks during an interview at Viva Technology conference in Paris, France, on Thursday, June 30, 2016.

    The flaw that allowed hackers to deploy the WannaCry cyberattack was discovered by the National Security Agency and was leaked online.

  • Securing our future what we can do to stay ahead of cyber attacks

    David Sanger, chief national security correspondent for The New York Times, talks with S. Leslie Ireland, Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis for the Department of the Treasury; Matt Olsen, co-founder of IronNet Cybersecurity and former director of the National Counterterrorism Center; Howard Shrobe, director of Cybersecurity@CSAIL and principal research scientist of MIT CSAIL; and Starnes Walker, founding director of the University of Delaware Cybersecurity Initiative and former CTO and technical director of Fleet Cyber Command and 10th Fleet, US Navy, about what we can do to stay ahead of the evolving methods of smart cybercriminals.

  • Is technology targeting our personal assets or helping them thrive?

    CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin sits down with Jeremy Allaire, founder and CEO of Circle; Don Anderson, senior vice president and CIO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; and Stuart Madnick, the John Norris Maguire Professor of Information Technologies, MIT Sloan School of Management, and Professor of Engineering Systems, MIT School of Engineering, to talk about the protection of personal assets and whether or not technologies are helping or hindering this effort.

  • Enhancing cybersecurity in the financial sector

    Sarah Bloom Raskin, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, gives the keynote presentation on ways to enhance cybersecurity in the financial sector and discusses the most recent threats that hacking poses to finances.

  • Using data for good

    Alex "Sandy" Pentland, director of the Internet Trust Consortium and Toshiba Professor of Media Art and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab, gives the keynote speech on how data can be used for public good.

  • Protecting critical infrastructure

    CNBC’s Jon Fortt sits down with Tom Fanning, president and CEO of The Southern Company; Dr. Tom Leighton, founder and CEO of Akamai; and Suzanne Spaulding, Under Secretary of the National Protection and Programs Directorate at the Department of Homeland Security, to discuss ways in which companies can best protect themselves and their critical infrastructure from a cyberattack.

  • Assistant Attorney General John Carlin on blended threats

    CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin sits down with Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Carlin to discuss both business- and identity-related threats and the best ways to respond to them.

  • National security vs. personal privacy

    Ellen Nakashima, national security reporter of the Washington Post, sits down with Stewart Baker, the former assistant secretary for policy for the Department of Homeland Security; Cindy Cohn, the executive director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation; Glenn Gerstell, the general counsel for the National Security Agency and Daniel Weitzner, the founding director of the Internet Policy Research Initiative at MIT and principal research scientist of MIT CSAIL. to discuss the delicate balance of national security, personal privacy and corporate responsibility.

  • FBI deputy director on adapting to new threats

    Walter Isaacson, President and CEO of The Aspen Institute sits down with Andrew McCabe the Deputy Director for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to talk about how the FBI is adapting, externally and internally, to a new cyber landscape.

  • How the government and private sector can prevent election hacking

    CNBC’s Eamon Javers sits down with Rajesh De the Former General Counsel for the National Security Agency; Michele Reagan the Secretary of State of Arizona; and Mark Testoni the President and CEO of SAP National Security Services to talk about the concern of foreign interference in this year’s presidential election.

  • The government’s role in national security

    Walter Isaacson, President and CEO of The Aspen Institute sits down with Admiral Michael S. Rogers Commander of the U.S. Cyber Command, Director of the National Security Agency and Chief of Central Security Service to discuss national security at the 2016 Cambridge Cyber Summit.

  • Cambridge Cyber Summit welcome remarks

    CNBC’s Tyler Mathisen and Polina Golland, Professor and Associate Director at MIT CSAIL, kick off the inaugural Cambridge Cyber Summit partnered by CNBC, The Aspen Institute and MIT CSAIL.

  • Southern Company CEO on infrastructure cyber threats

    Tom Fanning, Southern Company CEO, discusses what is being done to protect the nation's infrastructure from cyber threats.

  • John Carlin at the Cambridge Cyber Summit, October 5, 2016.

    Employees may be the biggest cybersecurity threat organizations face, cybersecurity experts agreed.

  • TrustedSec founder and CEO sheds light on classified coding

    TrustedSec founder and CEO David Kennedy talks with CNBC's Bill Griffeth and Sara Eisen at the 2016 Cambridge Cyber Summit about the recent arrest of an NSA contractor.

About Securing Our Future: Cambridge Cyber Summit

  • CNBC, the worldwide leader in business news and The Aspen Institute's Cybersecurity and Technology Program are partnering for a groundbreaking summit. The Cambridge Cyber Summit will bring together top leaders from business, government and academia to determine how they can best collaborate to combat urgent cyberthreats and secure America’s future.


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