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  Friday, 26 Sep 2008 | 10:38 AM ET

Video: Gloomy Dow Outlook

Washington Mutual is seized by the government; JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America shares climb Friday (as of this writing). Everyone is waiting for the bailout. So which way are the markets headed?

Thomas Schroeder, market strategist at Chart Partners Group, says that charts show the Dow could test news lows during October. See the video for his insights.


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  Thursday, 25 Sep 2008 | 7:18 PM ET

Video: Maria Bartiromo's Market Message

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Melissa Lee sits in for Maria Bartiromo, discussing Thursday's top business and financial stories -- and looking ahead to Friday's events.

Topics discussed in video, above:

Crude oil prices and trends. Oil climbed $2.29 to end at $108 on the Nymex on hopes the bailout plan will pass.

-- General Electric (parent of CNBC) lowered its third-quarter and full-year earnings outlook.
- GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt said GE and its GE Capital business are well-positioned to deal with the challenging environment.

-- Jobless claims rose last week. Durable goods orders fell. New home sales dropped 11-1/2 percent in August, making sales the slowest in 16 years.

-- Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines shareholders OK merger plans. The proposed move still requires regulatory approval.

-- Friday's earnings reports:

- American Greetings
- KB Home
- Jabil Circuit




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  Thursday, 25 Sep 2008 | 10:43 AM ET

Options Traders Betting on Slowdown

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Options traders have been bracing themselves for bad news from some of Wall Street's most reliable companies, said Rebecca Darst of Interactive Brokers.

Specifically, Darst noted heavy activity in puts on General Electric and Caterpillar , Dow components that also are part of the SPDR Industrial exchange-traded fund. Puts indicate trader expectations that share prices will fall.

Even though options volume this week has been significantly lower than last week, Darst said, the trading has been significant in that it has indicated "traders possibly positioning defensively for some disappointing earnings, or for a slowdown in demand. I think people are coming on board with this economic slowdown story."

Darst said traders were buying GE puts in the October contract at strikes of $28 and $30.

GE is the parent of CNBC and

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  Wednesday, 24 Sep 2008 | 5:59 PM ET

Video: Maria Bartiromo's Market Message

Maria Bartiromo discusses Wednesday's top business and financial stories, and looks ahead to tomorrow's events.

(Watch her on-air on CNBC TV's Closing Bell.)

Topics discussed in video above:

Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke and the bailout

Warren Buffett's $5 billion investment in Goldman Sachs -- with an option for another $5 billion purchase. Buffett says Berkshire Hathaway may shop for AIG assets.

  • Poll: Did Buffett Boost Confidence?

Oil prices, gasoline

Thursday's reports:

- Durable goods orders
- New home sales

Earnings reports Thursday, which include:

- Rite Aid

- Scholastic


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  Wednesday, 24 Sep 2008 | 2:43 PM ET

Strategist Picks Straddles and Black Gold

Posted By: Andrew Fisher

What's REX Capital Group's Jonathan Kleisner doing, with the markets in a spin? Two answers: straddles and black gold.


"This is an option strategy where you buy both a call and a put option simultaneously," Kleisner explained.

"It takes the directionality out of the trade; you're simply trading that volatility, and as long as you have continued volatility, that's going to help you. You're actually aggregating the price paid for the put and the call, and, hopefully, selling that package at a higher price."

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  Wednesday, 24 Sep 2008 | 1:03 PM ET

Commercial Bank Stock Picks (Pt. 2)

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Don't judge all financial stocks by the Lehman-AIG-Merrill meltdown. Commercial banks look strong and will get stronger, according to Richard Bove, managing director at Ladenburg Thalmann, and Jack Bouroudjian, chairman of Capital Markets Technology. The expert strategists offered their outlooks -- and recommendations -- to CNBC.

"I was the one a few weeks ago who came out and said, 'buy the commercial banks'," Bouroudjian told CNBC. "Although I was a little early," he conceded.

He said his committment is even stronger now: "Transactional banking is where you want to be," he declared.

(See Part One for Bove's picks .)

Despite the seeming generalized plunge in financials, Bouroudjian said the XLF (Financial Select Sector SPDR) , an ETF tracker, only suffered a "very small drop" over the past week.

He said Bank of America "is a great example of a stock where, a few years down the line, [investors] will say they made all the right decisions."

Bouroudjian also praised exchanges' shares, specifically the CME Group .

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  Wednesday, 24 Sep 2008 | 1:01 PM ET

Buy Commercial Banks, Says Bove (Pt. 1)

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Don't judge all financial stocks by the Lehman-AIG-Merrill meltdown. Commercial banks look strong and will get stronger, according to Richard Bove, managing director at Ladenburg Thalmann, and Jack Bouroudjian, chairman of Capital Markets Technology. The expert strategists offered their outlooks -- and recommendations -- to CNBC.

"We've made the commitment to commercial banks," Bove told CNBC. "In the last few quarters, there's been no major commercial bank that has failed in the United States."

Bove cited three advantages commercial institutions have over investment banks: a core of deposits; diversified investment portfolios; being regulated.

(See Part Two for Bouroudjian's picks .)

"Last week -- before the [meltdown], of course -- Wells Fargo , U.S. Bancorp , PNC Financial , BB&T , Zions Bancorporation were at all-time high prices," he pointed out. "And if that's not a sign [of strength]..."

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  Wednesday, 24 Sep 2008 | 12:16 PM ET

Video: Time to Buy China?

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Have Chinese equities bottomed? Jerry Lou, China strategist at Morgan Stanley, offered CNBC his outlook for the Shanghai-Beijing stock market.

See the interview in video at left.

Chinese Stocks - U.S. Exchanges:

CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corp.)



- Dow 30 at a Glance



Disclosure information was not available for Jerry Lou or his company.


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  Tuesday, 23 Sep 2008 | 12:42 PM ET

The Paulson Bailout Game Show

Posted By: Matt Nesto

Where's Bob Barker when we really need him?

With untold billions about to be put to work to mop-up this mortgage-related mess, the $700 billion question is price.

How will "PBC Partners" (Paulson Bernanke Cox) figure out what to pay for all those ''priceless assets'' -- when, for months, Wall Street's smartest accountants and top-paid traders were unable to get much further than "illiquid = worthless"?

To be sure, the unknown will loom large in any negotiations and it would be my bet that the government will therefore err on the cautious side with any bid. As I am a taxpayer, that's great news since many of these assets are not non-performing but simply sidelined.

And when given a chance to ripen and run, the once flat-lined securities could make for the mother of all showcases... as long as "PBC Partners" invests our money wisely.

If not -- if they pay too much -- then this Federal Bail Out of Mortgage Backeds (F-BOMB) will be a disaster all its own. And we the taxpayers will end up like Bob Barker's prized pets!

CNBC's Companies Today:

Goldman Sachs , Morgan Stanley
(Will Goldman, Morgan Gobble Up Regionals? )

(T-Mobile Introduces Google-Powered Phone)

(Toronto Dominion Among Bidders for WaMu)

(Nomura Buys Lehman's Europe Arm)



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  Tuesday, 23 Sep 2008 | 8:42 AM ET

Five Defensive Stocks for Hard Times

Pharmas, energy, information technology and industrials are still good defensive plays, Grant Bowers, portfolio manager at Franklin Templeton Investments, told "Worldwide Exchange."

Biotechnology company Celgene , is a good health-care stock to buy as their expansion looks promising, Bower said.

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