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  • Clashes between Civilians and Brazilian right police break out after an afternoon of peaceful demonstrations on Avenida Presidente Vargas June 20, 2013 in downtown in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Middle-class protesters marching for the first time say the challenge for Brazilians is to keep alive the political spirit that was awakened in the last week, after decades of apathy.

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaks in front of a flag of the European Union

    Europe failed to agree on how to share the cost of bank collapses on Saturday, as Germany resisted attempts by France to water down rules designed to spare taxpayers in future crises.

  • S&P 500 Heading For Correction: Pro

    Riccardo Ronco, technical analyst at Aviate Global, charts the performance of the S&P 500 and explains why it should go through a correction in the next three-to-six months.

  • A man holds a protest sign that says " no to the shutting down of banks"

    The European Union will seek on Friday to forge rules to force losses on large savers when banks fail, a sensitive reform that could shape how the euro zone deals with its sickly banks.

  • U.K. Should Sell-Off Nationalized Banks Fast - The Economist

    Alex Travelli, Hong Kong Bureau Chief of The Economist says a faster sale of state-owned banks even at a loss would benefit the U.K. economy more.

  • Alisher Usmanov, founder of USM Holdings, discusses Arsenal, how Wenger "knows best", its commercial success and the possibility of Rooney joining the club.

  • Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney could be the ideal signing for Arsenal, according to Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, the Premier League soccer club's second-biggest shareholder.

  • Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and Andrew Bailey, the Chief Executive of the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA)

    The banking watchdog said the aggregate capital shortfall at five major U.K. banks at the end of 2012 was 27.1 billion pounds, slightly higher than its 25 billion initial estimate in March this year.

  • texas electricity rates-2105869965_v2.jpg

    British electricity prices may be almost double those in Germany within three years due largely to the impact of a new tax aimed at supporting renewable power generation.

  • There Must Be Downside to Taking Risk: UK Lawmaker

    Baroness Kramer, member of the parliamentary commission on banking standards, and Brooks Newmark, Conservative MP, discuss UK banking standards

  •   Dixons Retail: I Look Forward to Another Good Year

    Sebastian James, CEO of Dixons Retail, tells CNBC that customers want to come in touch, feel and look at a product which is what the company continues to provide.

  • How to Regulate UK Banking

    Allister Heath, editor of CityAM and Paul Moore, founder of Assetz Capital, discuss the U.K. Banking Commission's report, whether it's "game-changing", and bankers' responsibilities.

  • Britain's Vodafone Group has raised its preliminary offer to buy Kabel Deutschland, Germany's largest cable operator, a source close to the situation has told CNBC.

  • businessman-jail-140.jpg

    Bankers who are reckless with customers' or taxpayers' money could face criminal charges and have bonuses and pensions clawed back.

  • Should Reckless Bankers Go to Jail?

    The UK parliamentary banking standards report calls for jailing reckless senior bankers and handing regulators the power to claw back bonuses. Helia Ebrahimi has more.

  • Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe

    Japanese PM Abe said on Tuesday G-8 leaders expressed strong support for his "Abenomics" economic policies and heard no concerns about Japan's super easy monetary easing.

  • HSBC

    Hong Kong's central bank said on Tuesday that its investigation into possible benchmark rate manipulation has been extended to include HSBC and a number of other banks.

  • Why Markets Are Resilient to Unrest

    Nick Parsons, head of strategy at National Australia Bank, questions whether the U.K. really wants to reform its corporate tax rules, and discusses market's resilience to the unrest in the Arab world.

  • G-8 Update

    CNBC's Steve Sedgwick has the latest details from Northern Ireland on the gathering of the world's top political leaders.

  • Govt Is Helping UK Home Sales: CEO

    Stephen Stone, CEO of, UK home builder, Crest Nicholson, tells CNBC they are confident about the year ahead after a very strong set of first half results.