William H. Macy: Live with the doubt, it doesn't go away

William H. Macy: When I knew I'd made it
William H. Macy: When I knew I'd made it

Even with an Academy Award nomination and two Primetime Emmy Awards under his belt, William H. Macy doesn't feel secure in his success.

"I think at the heart of every actor is a little voice saying it's a fluke and it's going to go away any moment, and I'm no different," the 66-year-old actor told CNBC.

Despite his self-doubt, Macy has succeeded in multiple capacities. He received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for "Fargo." He won two Emmys in 2000 — for acting and writing.

William H Macy bundled up in car in a scene from the film 'Fargo', 1996.
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Macy knew he had made it when he realized he didn't have to audition for roles anymore.

"It takes about a year or two before you realize it. I was auditioning — or so I thought — one time for a film. I sat down with the director and I was ready to give my spiel as to how I would do the character and he's off to the races," he said.

"I suddenly realized I had the role. He was auditioning. He was trying to sell me on it."

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Macy marveled at his own success.

"I don't know how it happened. I'll tell you this: I shudder in my boots at the thought of trying to do it again."