Deepak Chopra: Why employees, not customers, should come first

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As younger workers begin to enter corporate America in full force, Deepak Chopra sees a "great generational change" occurring and has some advice for companies that goes against the grain of how business usually operates.

"I think the future leaders are looking at the entire ecosystem of a business," the author, wellness expert and speaker said.

In this business ecosystem comprised of employers, employees, customers and investors, Chopra says employees should come first.

Deepak Chopra
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

"If your employees are happy and healthy, your customers would be healthy and happy, and that'll make your investors happy," Chopra told CNBC.

Chopra also listed major keys to wellness and said that "if you get them right, you're all set."

These are "sleep, stress management, exercise, emotions and relationships and nutrition," he said.