Gen Z is about to hit the workforce—here's what they want in a job

Gen Z is about to hit the workforce
Gen Z is about to hit the workforce

Step aside, millennials. Gen Z is coming.

The oldest group of Gen Z-ers, those born between 1996 and 2010, are now about 20 years old and will soon be entering the workforce.

What are they like, and what are they looking for?

In a new global study, Monster surveyed 2,000 people across different generations and discovered a few interesting characteristics of Gen Z.

1. They want real perks.

Free snacks and ping-pong tables may be nice, but it's not what Gen Z is after, the survey found. The top three "must haves" for their first jobs are health insurance, a competitive salary and a boss they respect.

"A common theme we saw in the report is Gen Z's emphasis on some of the more 'traditional' benefits like health insurance and a quality, two-way relationship with their potential manager," said Seth Matheson, the director of Monster's team of in-house recruiters.

To secure a job with a competitive salary, Gen Z is more willing to relocate or work nights and weekends than previous generations, the survey found.

2. They want work that has meaning.

Work isn't just a 9-5 gig for Gen Z.

Nearly 75 percent of Gen-Z respondents believe that work should have a greater meaning than just bringing home the bacon.

3. They are attracted to entrepreneurship.

Gen Z is self-motivated. The survey found that 76 percent of these young people see themselves as the owners of their careers, in control of shaping their own paths.

In fact, nearly half of Gen Z respondents said they want to have their own businesses, compared to 32 percent across all working generations.

Video by Devin Hance.