Adventure Capitalists - "Desert" Gallery

Meet Angela Lee, the creator of Sholdit, a skintight storage invention designed to keep your hands unencumbered while active.

Meet the Sholdit, the "hydrosport vest" that allows you to carry just about everything you need and keep your hands free at the same time.

Angela shows how the Sholdit can collapse itself into a tiny pouch for easy travel.

Craig Cooper tries to help Dhani Jones slip into the Sholdit, which was designed for women much smaller than him. Yikes!

Jogging in the Mojave desert isn't anyone's idea of fun but it certainly showcases the usefulness of the Sholdit. All three of the adventure capitalists decide to get in on the business.

Paul Mangum has created what he calls a privacy toilet shelter for use when in situations where there isn't any natural privacy. It's called the Instaprivey.

This unassuming canvas briefcase transforms into an instant porta potty in just a few short minutes. It's a bathroom on the go!

Dhani Jones, Jeremy Bloom and Craig Cooper get a kick of Paul demonstrating how the Instaprivey works.

All three of the venture capitalists try the Instaprivey but only Dhani Jones is able to actually use it successfully.

Dhani Jones believes in the Instaprivey and he puts his money where his mouth is. He offers Paul $100K for 20% equity in his business.

Peter and Cathy Godlewski are the brains behind the Rungu Trike, a.k.a. the Electric Juggernaut Bicycle. It even looks fun standing still.

Because of the three-wheel design, the Rungu has extra stability and it also has a powerful electric engine.

Peter came up with the idea for the Rungu when he ran into problems towing his surfboard to the beach. Definitley not a problem with the Rungu.

It's not clear if Dhani was exhausted or temporarily blinded by the sun but, either way, he takes a nasty fall. Thankfully the Rungu wasn't to blame.

During the negotiation, all three adventure capitalists express a desire to own a Rungu but none of them are interested enough to put up investment money.

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